Friday, July 4, 2008

Independence Days!

Lukas is feeling a bit better today, but still running a lower grade fever and definitely still not his usual happy, fun loving self. His fever continued to be very high (104) Thursday night but has since dropped a couple of degrees and held fairly steady for the last 36 hours. We are hoping to see further decline today, indicating that the worst of it has past, but at this point that is still wishful thinking. It doesn't act like an ear infection, or a cold virus, so we are a bit concerned about what it might be and are hoping it will have run its course soon.

In honor of the 4th of July holiday, Luke has been feeling rather independent of late. As the picture shows, he is determined to take his meals with the proper utensils, while doing so himself. He gets so excited when he actually gets the spoon into his bowl of chosen cuisine, and successfully navigates said utensil to his own mouth. This normally results in a huge toothy smile that says, "I do it" even though he can't quite speak those words yet. He is rather proud of himself and woe to the parent who would try to take away his spoon after a few of those attempts have gone awry, resulting in food flying in all directions, ala an 'Animal House' esque food fight!

Eating is not the only activity where our little one has demonstrated a new found Independence. Lukas is very helpful recently when we are getting him dressed or when we are dressing ourselves for that matter. Luke has discovered what shoes of all shapes and sizes are really all about and demonstrates this knowledge by bringing one of 'dada' or 'mama's' shoes over to us and setting it gently on top of our foot for us to put on (never mind he set one of Mrs. LIAYF's red flats on my foot the other day, it's all good). He does likewise with socks too. Currently we are dressing Luke in a pair of sandals with Velcro straps, and just a couple of days ago he also started to grab the strap and Velcro it closed himself. He really wants to do these things himself and shows a great sense of pride when he completes one of these tasks (of course, this is also accompanied by resounding praise from the ever present parental units).

All of this new found Independence, coupled with the passing of Lukas' 1st birthday, serves as further notice to Mrs. LIAYF and I that our infant is an infant no longer. He is a toddler now, and as such is growing into a little boy. A little boy who likes to use his own spoon and put on his own shoes. Tomorrow there will be another development and I will be equally amazed at that.

It has only been a year but I see how 18 of these could go by in the blink of an eye and, as such, am determined not to miss out on a minute of the fun!


Whit said...

You're right about that- they're flying by.

SciFi Dad said...

It just keeps getting better, my friend. (Attempts at influencing cross-dressing aside, of course.)

Anonymous said...

I would be encouraged by the lower fever, too. Not being a doctor, the most I can offer to you is that I'll keep my fingers crossed.

That's awesome that he's using utensils already to eat his food. Sounds like we need to start working on that skill with Cooper. I think the shoe thing is great! Cooper hands me my shoes as well. He'll hand me one, wait for me to put it on, and then hand me the other. Sometimes, though, that will be followed by some random object that has nothing to do with modern-day bipedal ambulation, so I sometimes wonder if he's making a complete connection.

The infant-toddler transition has been strange for me, too, so I can relate.

Sounds like you guys have a very intelligent son who's eager to keep figuring out life's details. Very cool! Looking forward to reading more about his progress over the next year...

RC said...

just imagine what independence he will find by next year!

Anonymous said...

wah wee.. you did a great job as a daddy... congrates.. Lukas is soo cute!

Ed (zoesdad) said...

Ah, independence. Not sure why this stage also seems to accompany stubbornness. It can be very tiring.....and messy!

I have found a little "Can I help you with that?" usually helps.

Being us... said...

Good Job Lukas! I am going through a phase right now where Jake doesn't want anymore "baby food" and will only eat if he can pick it up with his fingers. But he can't chew everything so it is hard to find food to feed him other than cheerios! =)

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Whit - I can see how you could get lost in a sort of 'time warp'!

@Sci-fi - I will forgive him the 'cross dressing attempt' transgression but will work on his style sense.

@Rob - You always have the greatest comments. That is quite a complement. Yes, we (like all parents) like to think our son is blessed with above average intellignce, but really we have learned that all kids get different things at different times and in the end they all end up at almost the same place. Luke isn't exactly using utensils like a pro yet, but he is getting there.

@RC - Each day seems to bring somehting amazing, so I can't wait to find out.

@Shirley - thanks so much! I try and it is a learning experience everyday! Luke is adorable isn't he!

@Ed - You have been through it many times already so you really know your stuff. Luke is getting a bit stubborn, yes. But we have taught him to hand us food he doesn't want, rather than throwing it on the floor. That was a big improvement!

@PMJ - Been there recently. But Lukas got teeth early, so has at least had the fronts to chomp on things. I am amazed at all he could eat, though, by just gnawing on it with his gums. Thanks for stopping by.

KristyCK said...

He just turned one last week and now feeding himself already..... way to go Luke! He is a very smart boy. Hope he is getting better soon.

James (SeattleDad) said...

Thanks Hilda! Lukes fever broke but he also contracted a widespread rash. It doesn't itch and is consistent with Roseola.