Wednesday, February 25, 2009

All I Ever Wanted

Vacation? It has been so long since I actually had a real one, I had to look up the definition on websters online just to make sure that our short excursion actually counts.

And yes, it does!

Lukas was still 3 months from first seeing the light of day when Mrs. LIAYF and I last went on holiday. (A memorable trip to Oahu)

However we, along with Lukas, will be boarding a Big Ol’ Jet Aeroplane tomorrow for a trip down the left coast a few hundred miles to the city by the bay, San Francisco. It is meant to be an extended weekend of sightseeing, fun, relaxation, and visiting family who have never met our new addition nor we thiers.

Hopefully, relaxation will be the end result. We really need it.

I say hopefully only because this will be the first flight for our son, and even though it is only a short two hour trip, I am a bit nervous about how he will react to it, and to being away from home. I know, I know. Most of you out there with kids his age have probably been on several flights by now with the little ones and consider it no big deal.

We, however, are a family steeped in routine. And this routine has worked out well for us so far. Other than a couple of nights at the hospital back in October, Lukas has not spent a night away from home since he was born. He is in bed and asleep by 7:30 each and every night.

So to us, and more importantly to Lukas, the flight and hotels will be a considerable change. I do think Luke is plenty old enough to take the change in routine in stride, but like most change, it still makes me just slightly nervous to consider. Plus, there is the whole concept of what to pack for an extended trip with a toddler. Will we choose the right things for the limited amount of space? I know. I'm really not as concerned about this as it must sound.

I sure will be happy when all that speculation is past and we can finally get on to the business of having fun, forgetting about work, and getting together with family.

It should be a great weekend!


Ed (zoesdad) said...

This I can tell you from experience. You will pack way--WAY--more stuff than you could use in a month. There's no avoiding it. It happens. Live and learn.

Anonymous said...

The biggest problem we had with Cooper is that he hated being confined to our laps during the flight. He likes to run free, so he was frustrated by his lack of mobility. We had some screaming and minor fits to deal with, which wore us out.

You guys may have much better luck. We were able to distract Cooper with Cheerios and lots of "peek-a-boo" type games.

Have a safe and fun time in San Fran, though!

Darren said...

Have a great weekend! And pack lots of small things for Lukas to do on the plane--it takes space but it could be worth it.

SciFi Dad said...

Good luck with the sleep thing. Sometimes that can be the hardest part of the whole trip.

Anonymous said...

The key to your survival are HIS can't have enough of them. Screw his "normal" diet...just make him HAPPY and live to fight another day!!!!!

Eric said...

i swear i didnt steal your idea... I guess great minds think alike!

Martin said...

San Francisco eh? now that is cool.


Anonymous said...

Hope ya had a blast. Let us know how Lukas did. We recently went to FL. The MiniKamp is lke that too, very habitual. But we are trying to shake it up. Keep her on her toes. She did the flight well. Was not soooooo keen on the pack and play in FL, but we survived.

Captain Dumbass said...

One word, gravol.

James (SeattleDad) said...

@All - Thank's so much for you advice. We survived. I actually posted more over at the Uptake blog. Check it out.

Thanks again.