Friday, June 24, 2011

Time to Hero Up

While Lukas doesn't officially turn the big 04 until Monday, his Superhero birthday party is Saturday. 

As I mentioned in my previous post, we (and when I say we, I really mean mostly Mrs. LIAYF) have been busy the past couple of weeks planning for the big event, including making nearly 30 capes and masks.

Here is a preview of what's happening today:


The party was a huge success.  The weather held out nicely with the sun even making periodic appearances!  All 60 plus people who RSVP's, were arrived and had a Super! time, especially the Birthday Boy.

Super Lukie!

Here are some more scenes from the party:

Ready for the guests

We were expecting a block letter L, not cursive.

Time for the cake.

Super tired now

The world is a safer place today!

So tell me readers, what are your plans for the weekend?


Daddy by Default said...

Gota a little pool party tomorrow so stocking up on supplies now.
No superhero capes, but we're gonna be grilling like champs! Have fun this weekend.

BloggerFather said...

Obviously, I will not leave the house, now that I know there will not be any superhero around to protect me.

Idaho Dad said...

I had no plans for the weekend. But now I have a hankering for some Superhero cupcakes.

Seriously, though, that's one of the most awesome kid parties I've ever seen. My son had a Star Wars party when he was 6 that turned out really well, but not on the scale of yours!

Happy Birthday Lukas!

ericdbolton said...

That is totally AMAZING!!

What did you make the masks out of??

You know I'm going to have to outdo this now right??

I have no idea if I can.. Because again.. That was truly amazing..

Mrs. LIAYF said...

@Eric -

The capes were from adult t-shirts (using the back and the neckline). The masks were the cut-off sleeves. They were a little Nacho Libre, but really fun!!

o.k. Passing out now from exhaustion . . .

SFD said...

Holy crap that boy looks like you.

Nice job, Mrs. Lukas' Dad's Wife.

Happy Birthday, Lukas.

Homemaker Man said...

Awesome job guys. Happy bday Lukas. I like the cursive L.

OneZenMom said...

Oh, that looks like SO much fun! Well done, SuperParents. ;)

Diplo_Daddy said...

I'm sure Luka enjoyed every minute of his 04 party. Boy, that took a great deal of planning to make it all come together.

rebecca said...

so cute and imaginative. how did you make the iron-on stars for the capes?

Mrs. LIAYF said...

@ rebecca - I used a really heavy white plastic shopping bag, cut out stars, and ironed them on (putting parchment paper between the iron and the plastic).

I used these websites for inspiration for the t-shirt capes (although I cut the neckline smaller and used velcro), and the plastic bag transfers:

Jack said...

Looks like it was a great party. That I love the of all of the heroes lined by the lake.

James (SeattleDad) said...

@DaddybyDefault - Hope your grilling went as well as ours did.

@BloggerFather - You should be ok now, they are back to thier respective shifts.

@Idahodad - Thanks man. I see a Star Wars party in Luke's future too.

@Eric - Please post about it if you do. Love reading about great kid parties.

@SFD - Thanks SFD. I get that a lot.

@HomemakerMan - Thanks! Not as big a fan of the cursive here, but it still tasted great.

@OneZenmom - Thanks. All those little smiles made it all worth while.

@Dipplo - Yes, it did take quite a bit. Mrs. LIAYF was truly SuperMom planning it all out.

@Rebecca - Let us know if you make some of your own.

@Jack - Most of them. There were still a few that left early, or else were to shy to partake. I think we had nearly 25 in all.

Ron said...

Lovin' the T-shirt of course. Sounds and looks like everyone had a great time.

(do those capes come in adult sizes?)

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Ron - We sure did. And Mrs. LIAYF made enough that some adults were doning them as well.

PJ Mullen said...

Now THAT is a birthday party!