Thursday, June 2, 2011

Troubles Will Be Gone

And there's a sign up to a hill to see the far of the land
Well the sign will tell you, "Turn if there's a one"
Still the day is never done, but there's a light on where you're sleeping
So I hope somewhere that troubles will be gone.

~The Tallest Man on Earth~

It's unbelievable to me, but Lukas is now less than a month from his 4th birthday.  Time, she is a strange beast, no? Passing ever so slowly in the multiple sublime moments that make up each rotation of the planet - but then, seemingly in the time it takes to wrap your child in your outstretched arms, years have silently slipped past. 

I find it strange, and also a bit humbling, how certain things that we as parents think we have helped our kids successfully navigate can turn out to be merely developmental stages that we have perhaps just delayed.

Take for instance, fear of the dark.   From his first few weeks Lukas has slept in his own room, with the door closed and a blackout shade drawn. Save for the glow in the dark stars and planets Mrs. LIAYF and I adorned to his ceiling, his room has always been fairly dark. 

Thankfully, he has never seemed to mind this and never been afraid of the dark.  Until now that is.  I was always sure that this was because we had approached this potential issue head on from day one.  

Not so fast.

A couple of nights ago, Lukas opened his door at midnight and told his mother and I that it was too dark in his room, and that he was scared to go back to bed.  He had just watched Finding Nemo for the first time, and had been a bit disturbed by some of the shark scenes.

But it wasn't just the movie.  His imagination has been extremely active recently, with him telling us lots of elaborate stories about ghosts and monsters, and also of dreams -  such as the one where 'Bad Guys' came through his window,  chasing his mother and I down the stairs before shooting us.

Now that his imagination is in overdrive, I suppose it is only natural that he would now be more unsure of what he can't see.  So, when he woke up frightened the other night, I just held him in my arms and told him it was ok.  That Mommy and Daddy wouldn't let anything bad happen to him.

Then I tucked him back under his covers and Mrs. LIAYF and I plugged in some star light above his bed.  They were much too bright, so we covered them and called it good as we kissed him goodnight and he went right back to sleep.

The next day we bought him his very first night light - a cool Red Rocket. 

So far, it has done a great job of keeping all the scary things away.


Mrs. LIAYF said...

Lovely, sweet post honey!

Yes, it amazes me that even though Lukas doesn't watch tv and only rarely gets a movie (as a treat), he still has dreams about good guys and bad guys, notes the kind deeds of others, and expresses his desire to be a "superhero" As disturbing as his bad dreams must be, the examination of good and evil must be an innate part of being human. I'm just glad he leans strongly to the good side!

Captain Dumbass said...

Four? Already? Wasn't it like last month he was just turning 3? I must be getting old.

AnOrdinaryDad said...

My 3yo almost 4yo daughter has recently been afraid of the dark too. She says her ceiling is scary and her imagination seems to be getting very active now, too. I actually had to move her bed to a different part of the room. Must be a thing at this age?

Homemaker Man said...

You never know with that stuff. The Peanut seems mostly fine with the dark, then every once in a while she'll want a night light for a day or 2 and then day 3 she'll tel me she wants it turned off. You know sometimes, we all need the light on.

Also, Lucas may just be expressing his maleness when he talks of superheroes. There is a great Seinfeld bit about that.

Homemaker Man said...
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Rachael said...

Like Mrs. LIAYF said, I find it amazing the things kids develop or discover on their own, even if you try to steer them another way. It's so amazing to watch how they grow and change!

SciFi Dad said...

I think my daughter's fear of the dark stems from my wife's refusal to completely close her bedroom door at night, so there was always ambient light in her crib.

Now, she sleeps with the hall light on, which keeps her brother awake (since he's decided he wants his door open).

Good times.

john cave osborne said...

real and well written. favorite line:

Now that his imagination is in overdrive, I suppose it is only natural that he would now be more unsure of what he can't see.

so true. the triplets turn 4 in Sept, so they're only a few months behind your little man. and we're starting to notice that they're imagination is a double edged sword. we're fired up they all have active ones, but not so fired up at the illogical concerns which sometimes spring from them.

it's been too long since i've swung by. your posts always resonate well with me.

Dan said...

Evan has recently started saying he is scared to sleep alone. We've not had that problem previously, but like Lukas he's becoming very aware of good guys and bad guys.

Something to do with a realization that not everyone is nice and safe I guess. Which is sad, but not as sad as the day he'll realize that his mum and dad aren't able to protect him from absolutely everything.

Now I've depressed myself.