Sunday, January 1, 2012

Biting Sarcasm From My 4-Year-Old

We had just sat down for a nice evening dinner on New Year's Day when Lukas made the comment.   I completely missed his point at first.  You can't blame me though, because after all it was completely out of character for him.

We were having Mrs. LIAYF's delicious homemade Potato Leek soup, along with a loaf of pecan raisin bread.  I had lovingly toasted and buttered the bread for him.  But when I handed him a piece, he took me by surprise by making the following comment as he took his first bite.

"Thanks for burning the crust Daddy"

"But I thought you didn't like the crust burnt" I replied, genuinely puzzled.

" I don't" he quickly responded with a smile.

(By the way, in my defense the toast was merely a shade past golden brown. Not at all close to being burnt. Plus, as I mentioned, it was softened by the butter.)

"Why would you thank me for it then?"  I asked.  At this point I still thought I was being thanked.

And, then he gave me the kicker...

"Well, because that's the way you and Mommy say things a lot when you mean something else."

Mrs. LIAYF and I both let out a genuine laugh at that.  Then she let him know  "That's called sarcasm Lukas".

It was yet another reminder to us that your kids really do pick up on much more than you realize.

Yeah, thanks for pointing that out Buddy.


J-Tony said...

Gotta love the way they think at that age.

Jeff - OWTK said...

I love love love this! I have a serious soft spot for a sarcastic child, especially when done with wit and impeccable timing, which it sounds like Lukas already has! Outstanding!

Lady Mama said...

How funny! I'm always amazed at how fast our kids pick up on the things we say. Sarcasm is a pretty advanced thing to pick up on though!

Mrs. M said...

He is so wise. Love it!! :)

Diplo_Daddy said...

O yes, parents should always be incredible mindful of what they say and do, around their kids. Parents are the stone on which children sharpen themselves—I can’t remember where I overheard this saying, but it’s certainly true, isn’t it.