Friday, April 20, 2012

Dad's A-Z: Astronaut

I've seen a few other bloggers posting this month in the Blogging A-Z challenge, but by the time I checked out the details and realized it was an April challenge, it was too late for me to actually sign up and follow the rules.

I do like the concept though, and so thought I would try my own version of the challenge, with my very own rules.  Why? Well, because who doesn't like to play by their own rules?

As my post title would suggest, I have decided to do a Dad's A-Z project where each post would relate to something about my experience being a father to Lukas.  Pretty cool, right?  Hey, just roll with me on this one please.  Anyway, another guideline I have chosen to ignore from the original challenge is the part about completing it within a month.

If you've seen my recent productivity reports you will understand why.  Given that, I thought a less ambitious goal was in order.  I wanted one that would still hold some significance though, so I chose June 17th since it was 4 days after Flag Day.

I chose 4 days since I have been blogging here for 4 years which is very significant. So my goal is to complete the Dad's A-Z Challenge by 4 days after.....wait, I just realized that June 17th is also Father's Day! That's quite a coincidence, and one that works out perfectly for my challenge.  Awesome.

To start out with, A stands for Astronaut

 Lukas has been convinced since he was 2 years old that he is going to be an astronaut.  Some kids love cars.  Some kids love trucks.  Some love construction equipment.  Lukas? He loves rockets, and space.  Mrs. LIAYF and I thought that this may have been a phase that he was going through, but his enthusiasm for them have not waned in the past couple of years, but only gotten stronger.

In fact, he has long held firm to the notion that he wants to be the first person to set foot on Mars.  Yes, that is quite a lofty ambition, but when you are 4 years old the world is full of infinite possibilities and few dreams should be discounted.

Therefore Mrs. LIAYF and I often take the time to encourage him and let him know if that's is what he really wants to do he can work towards being an astronaut when he is grown up.  We let Lukas know that astronauts are very hard working, mathematically oriented people.  And that if he wants to go to space, he will need to work hard, concentrate, and listen to his teachers in school.  He seems to get that concept, which no matter what he ends up doing in life, will certainly serve him well.

But for now, he can just be a boy who loves space, and rockets, and the notion that he will be able to climb beyond Earth's  reach one day.

Sure, it most likely will not happen.  But being his Dad, and knowing how hard he works at getting things right, I certainly wouldn't put it past him.


Post Post Modern Dad said...

Where did you see this A-Z challenge? I never saw it! I might take it up for May.

J-Tony said...

I love the A-Z challenge. I saw the concept from Riles. Love it. Think I might as well one of these days. As for Lukas, somenody has to be the first one on Mars, might as well be him.

Vivian said...
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Juli said...

I started mine in March. Then got all messed up when I hadn't finished by April. So I started over, re-posting when I couldn't think of anything.

Also, a lot of them seem to have a theme. So, I picked ADD, since I'm easily distracted and all over the place.

Good luck with your A-Z

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Post Modern Dad - The link for A-Z is in the post. I added the Dad part myself.

@J-tony: Thanks man, let me know if you do. I saw Riles doing it too. He is a great read.

Juli - I tried to give myself plenty of time, but even if I don't make it, that would be okay. I will just finish when I can. Father's Day seemed like a good goal.

BloggerFather said...

The How Stuff Works people have some videos for kids. I heard them talk about the space ones on their Stuff to Blow Your Mind podcast, but I haven't seen it yet. Worth checking out, though:

James (SeattleDad) said...

@BloggerFather - Very Cool, thanks. I will check it out for Lukas. I'm sure he will absolutely love it.

squirtsdad said...

I like this post, my son (5 yrs old) has a similar interest in airplanes (and space shuttles). Hopefully, one day I will be able to take him on a trip to the Smithsonian Air And Space Museum.

Clint said...

I am doing the A-Z Challenge right now. I think you might like some of my posts. My theme is Star Wars..:))

I am liking your variation of the Challenge. Good Luck to you!

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Squirtsdad - That would be such a terrific trip. I am reading 'The Spirit of St. Louis' right now and the Spirit is there too. I would love to show Lukas the plane.

momnextdoor said...

I am looking forward to this challenge! I think 4 days after Flag Day is the perfect deadline! :-)

You know what, I wouldn't be surprised if one day Lucas IS the first person to set foot on Mars! And then I will say "HEY I KNOW HIM!" I'll leave out the part that I only read about him on the internet. That part isn't necessary, don't you think?