Saturday, May 25, 2013

Ordinary Family Discovers Strange New Worlds

Who would have guessed that, by using a couple of old items laying around the house, a family such as ours could discover strange, and possibly habitable, new worlds?  

Well, it's true.  An LIAYF team comprised of Mrs. LIAYF herself, and Lukas recently were able to discover and photograph the images you will see below.  And  I have to say, the Hubble Space Telescope had nothing on them today.

Just take look at these strange images of distant spheres they were able to capture using the aforementioned ordinary household items.

What are the lighter colored areas of this world?
One can only speculate.

Did this dying Star once support a system
of Earth like planets?

This planet is clearly covered in ice.

One can easily make out the canals on this world,
but sadly not any gondolas.

A storm system is obviously covering a large
 section of this world.

I'd say this world looks like little like Uranus,
but I'm sure it doesn't.

Okay, as you might have already guessed these are not distant, unknown planets that were photographed from our backyard.  But, what they are are items Mrs. LIAYF and Lukas found around our backyard or kitchen, placed under a pocket microscope, and photographed with her iPhone. She just placed the lens over the eye piece.

To set the record completely straight here are what each photograph actually captures a microscopic picture of:

1. Colby Jack Cheese
2.  Pollen from a Poppy Flower
3. Fabric from our backyard hammock
4. A leaf
5. A drawing that Lukas had done, and was using as a bookmark
6. A feather.

No, these items weren't distant planets, but many were habitable (especially the cheese).

And Mrs. LIAYF, Lukas, and I sure had a lot of fun discovering what they looked like up close anyway.


daniel said...

that is a very cool activity idea.

larry said...

Neat idea- educational & fun.

Anonymous said...

Man, makes me wish I still had my microscope from way back when. Waaaay back when!

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Daniel - It kept us busy for a while. Was a lot of fun.

@Larry - We were surprised at what we saw. Made for some neat pics too.

@bakoramblindad - Great thing is, those pocket microscopes are compact and fairly inexpensive.

Hija de la luz said...

I was realy focus on reading :)) then l notice something wrong :)) god job :))