Monday, October 28, 2013

Dad's 5: What I'm Enjoying Now

It's been several months since I posted one of my monthly 5 lists, which really doesn't constitute a monthly list.  Hence I have renamed it as my 'Dad's 5' list, and like before will post it whenever It occurs to me.

Whatever you want to call it, here are 5 things I am enjoying at the moment.

Drinking: Pyramid Brewing Outburst Imperial IPA.  I was happy to recently find this Imperial IPA in a 6 pack at the local grocery after previously only finding it in larger singles.  It has a pretty high ABV at 8.5% but still retains a refreshing flavor.  Best of all, it's priced competitively with other micro and craft brews on the shelf, making it a beer I have bought on many occasions recently.

Reading:  Mayflower By Nathaniel Philbrick.  I had really enjoyed In the Heart of the Sea a story about the events that inspired Mellville's Moby Dick, also by Philbrick, so was excited to find Mayflower at a local used book store.  Billed as the story of the Pilgrims, this book is really two stories.  The first part is about the Pilgrims initial journey and their struggles in the new world.  However, about half way through the book jumps forward 50 or so years and becomes the story of King Phillips War.  Both parts made for compelling stories, I just wished the transition was handled more deftly.

Watching: Justified Season 4:  Mrs. LIAYF and I are always looking for a compelling series to stream, and Justified fits that bill.  I had previously heard Justified mentioned as a TV series, but dismissed it thinking it had something to do with Justin Timberlake. Amusingly, I couldn't have been further off on that assumption.  Justified follows a quick triggered US Marshall who is reassigned to an office near his home in Eastern Kentucky. Much lawlessness, gun fighting, and mayhem ensue.  Great series, and highly recommended.

Listening to:  Lightning Bolt by Pearl Jam.  Yes, the 10th studio album from the Seattle Rock legends is more of the same.  Some fast songs, some slow songs.  But the reason they evolved from grunge newcomers to the countries greatest living rock band is because that formula is a winning one.  With every listen of Lightning Bolt, I am enjoying it more.

Using/Playing (App):  Dragon Box.  Disclaimer: I am not playing Dragon Box, but Lukas is and he loves it.  It's a game, that's not really a game, but your kids won't realize that.  Dragon box is an app that cleverly disguises the basics of Algebra into a game app.  It's a genius idea, and one that is well worth the lofty $5.99 price tag for an app.  Heck I was never good at algebra in school, so I should probably start playing myself.

Tell me readers, what are you enjoying right now?

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