Friday, November 22, 2013

Like Vegas....Only a Daycare.

"Okay, NOW I'm ready."  I let Mrs. LIAYF know last night as I readied the camera.  "You can let her go NOW."

And with that my lovely wife released Annabelle, whom she was holding onto by the arms.  They were both in the middle of the bedroom floor, and with a disturbed look on her face our little girl, barely 1 year old, plopped gently down onto her behind with a thud and a whimper.

This, of course, was followed by another attempt.  Same results.

It was apparent that we had missed our opportunity to record -  best case scenario - her first steps, or at least her second stint of standing unsupported on her own.  Her doing that last bit had precipitated me running down the stairs with abandon moments earlier to grab the camera that now sat in my hand.

"I guess we'll try again later." I declared, secretly hoping that a few moments break would give her the second wind she needed.   And there was indeed another opportunity, but again things didn't quite work out.  In the end I didn't get the photo I had hoped for.  You know, the one where she is looking straight into the camera with a giant smile and look of accomplishment, arms out to the sides, as her foot is poised to move in the direction of the camera.

But I did get this one:

One pinky! That is all that's supporting her.

For now, It's better than the nothing I had before.  But the 'walking' watch is most definitely on.

Something tells me I shouldn't be as excited about this as I am.  But hey, it's a mighty big deal.  My parents don't have any pictures of my first steps.  And what dad doesn't want to give his kids better than he had?

Not this one.

That brings me to this morning, when I dropped Annabelle off at The Circus Circus.  It's also known as her daycare.  When the caregivers asked me how her night was, I let them know what had transpired, and how close she was to walking.

Then I reminded them, in no uncertain terms, that I considered her next several trips there to be like a Vegas vacation.  What happens there stays there!

That way, one day at her wedding, when I tell my little girl that it seemed like yesterday when I watched as she took her very first steps, it will be the 100% truth.  At least as far as I know it to be.

Then, I'll whip the picture, or better yet video of the event out of my tuxedo so we can watch it together as I walk her down the aisle before letting go of her.

It will be the perfect moment.


Post Post Modern Dad said...

Parenting in general is like Las Vegas. It's a slot machine of bodily fluids.

James (SeattleDad) said...

@daniel - Haha, yeah that about sums it up.