Monday, February 3, 2014

Super City

Photo credit: The Seattle Times

World Champions!  World Champions! World Champions!

Readers, words can't describe how thrilled I am this Monday morning.

Of course, this is because I was able to watch yesterday, Super Bowl Sunday 2014, as my hometown Seattle Seahawks dominated quarterback legend Payton Manning and his Denver Bronco football team 43-8 in front of hundreds of millions of people watching world wide.

And, better yet, I was able to watch the game with my kids at my side.

We watched together, at home, along with Mrs. LIAYF.  And even though the game was a blowout from the first snap, it didn't get old, or boring, or anti climatic for our family.  We hung on every play.  We relished every moment of this defining victory for this team and this city.

In fact, Lukas was snuggled up in my lap when Malcom Smith, the game MVP, intercepted a Manning pass and took it 69 yards back for the score.  I stood up, still holding him during the play and we danced around our living room screaming "Go! Go! Go!!".  It was amazing.  Similarly, I was holding Annabelle in my arms when the 2nd half kicked off, and we danced around the room with giddy joy as Percy Harvin took the kickoff 87 yards for the score, making it 29-0 Seattle.

She had no idea, of course, what was going on being 15 months old.  But she knew Daddy was excited and yelling, but in a happy way.  Thankfully, I didn't scare her and make her cry.

Lukas doesn't know yet how unbelievably special the moment is.  After all, he is still just six years old.  He doesn't quite understand that I was 11 the last time a major professional sports championship was won by a Seattle team.  That team was the 1979 Seattle Super-Sonics and that team doesn't even exist anymore.

I'm 46 now.  I don't have to tell you, but I will anyway....35 years is a long time to wait celebrate at this level. That Sonics championship is one of my enduring memories from childhood.  Lukas is a lot younger, but I hope that, similarly, one of his fondest memories of childhood is this championship.

Yes, this Superbowl win by the Seahawks is special. And I am so glad I was able to share it with my family. Especially with Lukas.  As a father, I have often wondered if I would get such an opportunity. Winning professional teams are common in some cities, but that hasn't been the case here in Seattle for most of my life.  

This win changes all that, and I hope it is only the beginning.  I want to experience this kind of joy with my family every year.  Even multiple times a year.  Right now that dream doesn't seen so far fetched.

After the game, at around 10pm local time, once the kids were safely in bed I had to make a run to the local grocery store for essentials.  On the way, I passed through my local business district where a few sports bars are located.  Many fans were outside on the sidewalks, in their Seahawks gear for the moment quietly talking among themselves.

As I drove by, I rolled down my window, layed on my horn, pumped my fist out the window, and yelled SEAHAWKS!!! several times.  This got them all screaming once again, and cars passing the other way honking loudly as well.

And for good measure, I did it again on the way home.  I'm still smiling.  I think I will be for a long time.


Jet City

The Emerald City


This is a lot of fun.


Post Post Modern Dad said...

I got to watch the game with my kids too. It was exciting. We talked about Peyton Manning, the respect he deserves, how much this felt atypical of the Denver offense, how not to gloat or be a bad winner. Mostly we yelled and screamed and really enjoyed the game though. My wife didn't enjoy it. She stopped watching after the first quarter. She is a Denver fan, and there's a lesson there I need to write up about staying true to yourself and your team.


triles said...

I was pulling for you guys. Seattle has a number of Wisconsin Badger connections, most notably Bevell and Wilson, so I was happy to see some fellow alums get their hands on the Lombardi trophy.

I remember how fun it was in 2010 to share Green Bay's win with my daughters. Your Seahawks sure gave you some great memories. Enjoy!

Larry said...

That sounds awesome in every way.
I remember thinking of my dad when the Phillies won the W.S. a few years back. I actually brought his picture to the screen to show him.
Anyway, congrats to your team. It was a real shellacking. Impressive.

Diplo_Daddy said...

We cheered the hawks to victory all the way over here in Kuwait, albeit at 2:30am. What a great game it was! My congratulations to you.

J-Tony said...

Yes congratulations to you and the Seahawks. Living in Indiana I'm a Peyton Manning fan, and was hoping he'd get another one. But the Seahawks were the much better team Sunday night. So congrats and enjoy it.

Jack said...

Sounds like a lot of fun to me. My kids got to celebrate a few Laker championships with me, that was fun too.

James (SeattleDad) said...

@PPMD - It's a great feeling, isn't it? Wow. Anyway, remind your wife that Denver deserved it after the whole Mutumbo and Nuggets thing back in '94.

@Tim - Cool, thanks! Was Wilson as fun to watch as a Badger as he is as a Seahawk? Kid is awesome.

@Larry - Thanks man. It was a lot of fun, and as you can attest with the Phillies, it means so much to the community.

@Diplo_daddy - Cool, thanks! Was there much of a following of the game over there? Or just Westerners?

@J-Tony - If it were against any other team (esp SF) I would be rooting for Manning too. But against Seattle, it made the win all the more impressive.

@Jack - Thanks, I bet it was. Multiple championships are what we are shooting for now too. Time will tell.

Slamdunk said...

Congrats to you all. The Seahawks defensive line dominated the game and the Broncos were like a dazed boxer throughout.

Great feeling I am sure.

Slamdunk said...

Congrats to you all. The Seahawks defensive line dominated the game and the Broncos were like a dazed boxer throughout.

Great feeling I am sure.

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Slamdunk - It sure is. And, I was confident, but even I didn't predict that kind of blowout.