Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hearing Voices

I'm lucky he talks so much!

As I was closing my car door tonight and pulling the seat belt strap over my chest, I heard the phone ringing in my jacket pocket, which was sitting on the passenger side seat.  I had worked late, and was exhausted from the day.  

I finished my task before attempting to answer.  But unfortunately, I was too late and missed the call.  I did see that the number was Mrs. LIAYF's , which was not unexpected.  I figured she was checking on my progress as she was picking up both kids tonight.

But when I dialed the number back, I got something unexpected.  Something which made my heart sing just a little.  "High Dad" Lukas' voice bellowed over the phone.  "What do you want us to order you for dinner?" .  I hadn't anticipated he would answer, and it was a pleasant surprise when he did.

Lukas still has a perfect kid voice, which is high in pitch and crackles just a little bit when he speaks.

He could talk about the intricacies of financial accounting, or the latest developments in IRS tax code law and it would come out sounding like awesomeness.  Heck, he could ask me what I wanted for dinner that night and it would be music to a weary set of ears.

Which is precisely what happened tonight.

I'm not sure exactly why hearing my kids voice over the phone makes me so happy, but it does. Annabelle too, even though she still has a limited vocabulary, being only one.  You might hear the same thing, and think nothing of it.  But if it were your kid, it would be most likely sound awesome to you too.

I guess it's just another sign of how much I love my kids.  How much they mean to me.

I have a lot of short videos of them which includes audio, but that requires watching too.  I think it may be time to record some simple audio clips to file away in my archives.

I'm sure they'll be gold to me someday.


Oren said...

The ultimate test: Make him tell you the plot of Phantom Menace. Can he make THAT sound awesome?

Mrs. LIAYF said...

We just finished watching Episodes IV-VI. He can tell you the entire plot of VI, and can even talk like an Ewok ("yub-yub"). Seriously annoying on-screen, but seriously cute when acted out by a 7 year old who seems to not notice the seams in those hideous fur suits. :)

neal call said...

I have an old voicemail my daughter left on our cell two years ago when she was two. Just can't get rid of it. There's times where hearing that little voice is the very best thing in the world.

I've now recorded it on a digital recorder, as well, but it seems wrong to ever take it off my phone.

neal call said...

I have an old voicemail from my two-year-old daughter on my phone that I just can't get rid of, even though I've saved it in a permanent place. Sometimes being able to listen to that voice on the spur of the moment is the very best thing.

Diplo_Daddy said...

Those are indeed priceless moments, worthy of hanging on to. I have a video of my son taking his first steps. Such great memories.