Sunday, February 15, 2015

Skating Through Life - Starting Now.

Lukas has always had incredible balance for his age.

This was never more evident than when he picked up riding a 12" bike without training wheels at the tender age of 3.  It took him all of 5 minutes, and he was riding a pedal bike. We never tried with the stabilizers, since he started riding a balance bike at 2 1/2.

He also has been riding a razor scooter the past couple of years, and is so comfortable with it he has been taking it to skate parks to ride amongst the older kids on boards.  If fact, he has rode the Razor so much that Annabelle watched and followed behind him on her tiny legs all the time. So much so that we had the idea of getting her a scooter of her own when she turned 2, which her Grandparents happy provided as her gift.

Lukas' comfort on wheels has been so natural that it is surprising even to us that we waited until now to get him on a Skateboard.  It seemed like the perfect time.  That happened earlier today at All Together Skate Park, a local indoor skate park  here in Seattle which specialized in lessons for kids.

The lesson was only an hour, but Lukas was excited about trying out a brand new skill.  Which he did with flying colors.  For the $20 lesson, All Together provided a personal instructor, all the gear needed - including the board and pads - and a kids 'Z-Bar' snack after the lesson as well!

Lukas started out learning the basics of how to stand and ride on the board, and amazingly by the end of the hour he was going down the 2nd stage ramp on his own.  I had no idea kids could pick up riding so fast, but other kids we also doing so which was pretty impressive.

The hardest part of the whole experience was probably having to tell Annabelle (who was watching intently the whole time) that as much as she turned to us, pointed out to the skating park, and said "My tin? (turn)" that she wasn't going to be able to have a lesson as well.  We were informed that All Together has given lessons to 2 year olds before, but we were not quite prepared for that yet.

Maybe when she is 3.

Lukas really enjoyed his first skateboard lesson.  So much in fact, that we are planning on going back again next week and continuing from there.   We are also thinking hard about a new board for his birthday, and even checked into prices of a birthday party and lessons for his buddies at the park in a few months.

Wish us luck.  It sounds like, after an hour of fun, we are already ALL IN.

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neal call said...

I always thought skateboarding was cool, though I never did it myself. In the park that's just a few minutes walk from our house, there's a skate park where kids congregate and look cool and be cool, and I sometimes look on a little wistfully.

On the other hand, I've seen a lot of painful skateboarding videos, and I'm not a real careful person, so it's probably for the best.