Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Channeling Her Inner Herve

Cleared for taking off....

Annabelle is now 2 1/2 and what I can only describe as a force of nature.

A super cute force of nature, but definitely a force of nature.  She always likes to do things her way, and without help.  That will serve her well someday.  Now, at 2, it makes things 'interesting'. And, even though she can be 'strong willed' at times, I love every ounce of her.

In addition to being strong willed, she also laughs, hugs, and does tons of silly things.  But most of all she is very loving towards Mrs. LIAFY and I, and her brother too.

....Yeah, she loves her brootheeeer, and America too....

Sorry, I just had a Tom Petty moment.  But back to the post at hand, another thing Annabelle really loves right now is airplanes.  All kinds of airplanes.

Yep, she gets super excited anytime she sees an airplane, calling out loudly and pointing to it to make sure we see it too.

"DA PLANE, DA PLANE!!" she will call out, as if she were channelling Herve Villechaize aka Tatoo from the 70's/80's television classic 'Fantasy Island'.  I guess that would make me her Host, Mr. Rorke.

Although, reality check, if this were really an episode of Fantasy Island and I ran the place, you'd think I wouldn't have to change any diapers, would you?

Okay, although I am definitely not living an episode of Fantasy Island, I am enjoying that Annabelle is making leaps and bounds with her vocabulary recently.  It's fun that she can now verbalize clearly many things that she enjoys.

Like airplanes!

We had family movie night this past weekend, and since it has been difficult to get our sweet little thing to actually sit for some screen time (I know, rough problem to have) we decided to rent a movie that might pique her interest.  Like 'Planes', the Disney movie that is basically 'Cars' with wings.

Unfortunately, as much as she likes airplanes, her reaction to sitting still and watching them on a screen for an hour and a half was pretty much "Meh"(even when Dusty Crophopper was Free, Free Fallin!), except, of course, when there was a PINK! plane (supporting cast) - which I guess is all right, even if the result is that I don't get to sit through the whole movie either.

Once, during a moment of distraction from Planes, I noticed that she had gotten some stamps from daycare earlier.  "Those are pretty stamps Annabelle" I let her know.  It was at that point that she corrected me.

"Dadoo, Daddy.  Dadoo"

Apparently, she thought this was some permanent ink.

Or else she was once again channeling her inner Herve.

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