Saturday, November 21, 2015

Fashionably Late Halloween Post

Okay, I know it's probably lame to finally post Halloween pictures on Thanksgiving week, but I'm sure that once you actually see the kids in costume all will be forgiven.

First, there's the siting version....

Then, there's the standing version.....

There.  I knew all would be forgiven.  Who can stay mad after seeing cute kids? Not me, and not you either.

By the way, that's a Super Spy (ala Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt in MI) and, of course, Atom Girl (Lukas' superhero name for Annabelle).

Aren't they awesome?

Oh yeah, lots of candy was gathered....and consumed.  Although, it's almost Thanksgiving and we do still have most of it in our cupboard and not in Dad's waistline, which is a win.


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