Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ahhh...That's What They Meant

Please forgive me if you are squeamish about such things. As Luke's 1st birthday rapidly approaches, you may notice that the tone of my posts may be a bit overly warm and fuzzy. Some may even say sappy. (what, you think most are that way?) Hey, new dads have a pass when it comes to that and I still consider myself a new dad. At least until the end of the first year anyway.

The culmination of this first year, my first year as a parent, Lukas' first year on the 'outside', the first year of memorable moments has me feeling all good on the inside, as well as a bit distracted. I often catch myself daydreaming about all we (Mrs. LIAYF, Lukas, and I) have been through in the past 358 plus days. All the wonderful 'firsts' we have been able to experience with our son, as well as all of the challenges that we have overcome together which have solidified our family bond. Mrs. LIAYF and I have always been very close and wonderfully happy together, but the addition of this child into our family has been so much better than I could have imagined, or did for that matter.

Luke has brought to my life a new level of happiness. Before having a child I knew I would love the child, but really, to me that was only a concept. Of course a parent would love a child. I didn't know what the other parents reading this post knew after their children were born. It was just that concept to me. Now though, with his birth and first year, I have that complete understanding. That reality. That sense of love and protectiveness that is so strong at times that it hurts.

No, I would not have to think twice. My body would take over for my mind because that feeling now permeates every muscle and nerve ending I have. It would be instantaneous. Without thought. Now, I now really KNOW what that old saying actually means.

Yes, I would throw myself in front of a bus to save Lukas' life!


Martin said...

I'm all for the sappy.

This is wonderful to read from a man.

Whit said...


Anonymous said...

Ditto Xbox's last line; and your love for Lukas will continue to grow.

Anonymous said...

Can feel your excitement and your love towards Luke! He is the luckies boy to have you as his dad!

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with a little sappy from the dad section. We are all entitled to a bit. My third is 6 mos. now and I appreciate this time with him even more because of going through it with the other two kids. Enjoy it while you can, they grow quickly!

James (SeattleDad) said...

@X - As always, thanks so much for the thoughtful comments.

@Whit - You have that way with words, man. I'm taking note.

@Shorn - Yes, just when I think I can't love that boy any more, it all gets deeper. Thanks for stopping by.

@Rosabel - Thanks so much, but I feel like the lucky one. Glad you could stop by.

@MTE - I plan on enjoying every minute of it. You do the same with your 6 mo old, it is a great time with them.