Thursday, September 25, 2008

Think Out Loud Thursday

Lukas continues to amaze me everyday. I'm sure many of you have been here already, but this being my first child, seeing him develop at this age often leaves me wondering, "How can he do that at 15 months old?" A couple of his latest developments include:

  • Pointing endlessly at things around him wanting to know what they are, saying 'dis'? 'dis'? 'dis'? Again and again.
  • Looking through a farm animal book of his and making the corresponding animal sounds for dogs, cats, sheep, horses, rabbits, cows, ect...
  • Tapping on the glass of a window, then turning with recognition to tap on his mother's glasses as well.
  • Adding even more ASL signs to his previous repertoire, including 'please', 'blanket', and 'shoes'.
  • Stacking blocks that only connect one way, three high, and then when finished, pushing a button on the top block to make all three spin in unison.
  • Being able to point out when asked, where his (or ours) various body parts are located. He can immediately point to his hands, head, eyes, ears, toes, feet, nose, hair, fingers, knees upon being asked "Lukas, where is your...?"

I have always been a huge baseball fan, but have not closely followed my hometown Seattle Mariners this year mainly because I don't have television. Of all years to leave the TV off, this one paid big dividends in not having to suffer through one of the most miserable seasons in recent baseball memory. The Mariners, with a 100 plus Million dollar payroll, just hit the dubious 100 loss mark last night at the hands of the LA Angels. I was never particularly good at complicated math problems, but I am pretty sure that translates to close to paying the dogs we have playing for us, 1000 Large, each time they lose a game. Eeesh!. Webster will be redefining futility in his next edition.

After I got home from work yesterday about 5:15, helped Mrs. LIAYF finish up a terrific dinner she made, cleared the table, took Lukas up for his bath, got him to bed, washed dishes, packed lunches for today, and cleaned up all the toys scattered everywhere, I realized it was already 9:45. I wanted to write a post, but instead just went to bed. Seriously, how do you people with multiple kids get anything else done?!

Lukas cracked me across the bridge of the nose with a hard plastic toy cutting board last night. Damn that hurt! It immediately puffed up and looked terrible but thankfully after some ice, it only left a small bruise.
And finally, no word yet from Bernard Cornwell on an advance copy of his upcoming book Azincourt to review here on Luke, I am Your Father. However, I sent him a second email with a link to my last post, hoping that he would take me seriously and check out my blog. As William at Poop and Boogies points out, it is a fine line between fan and stalker. I'll need to be careful I don't cross that line!


SciFi Dad said...

The thing about being a parent is that this sort of thing doesn't stop at this age. As they continue to grow, they continue to amaze us. Soon, instead of, "Where did he learn the sound for a rhesus monkey?" you'll be asking, "Where did he learn how to fold laundry?"

And then eventually, "When did he forget all that crap I taught him when he was little now that he's a teenager?"

James (SeattleDad) said...

Scifi - I'm glad to hear that the 'Wow' factor doesn't wear off. That is the best part. I'm even holding out hope for the teenage years.

Ed (zoesdad) said...

Like Sci-Fi said, that WOW never goes away. At each stage of my kids' lives I am amazed and filled with pride as I watch them conquer new skills. It's one of the best things about being a parent.

Ed (zoesdad) said...
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Dad Stuff said...

What sound does a rabbit make?
I hope LIAYF doesn't start using his toy cooking knives in the same way as his toy cutting board.

I agree, the Wow never leaves. As a dad, you want them to stay at their current Wow stage forever, but then they amaze you and bring you along with them to their next Wow stage.

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Ed - I would think that after the first, the wow isn't as strong because you have seen it before. Nice to hear that that is not the case. I look forward to experiencing it again when #2 comes along.

@Dadstuff - For the rabbit, Luke while smack his lips together softly and make a few quiet pops. That is the way we made the sounds to him. Probably a poor example to give him but we sold it well.