Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Ugly Truth about Love

Sometimes I am astounded by the lengths I will go to in the name of Love.

It all started with a moment of weakness about a week and a half ago at our local video store. I was alone with Lukas trying to find a video for that evening. Mrs. LIAYF and I had just finished the entire series of "Battlestar Gallactica" - as well as pretty much every other TV series (we cancelled our cable, remember?). We both thought we would enjoy "The West Wing," and I believed I could pop into the store and get it on my way home.

Lukas hadn't slept well at daycare and was particularly fussy. Of course, no "West Wing" was on the shelves. Lukas began to whine and squirm mightily wanting down. I, overdressed in a fleece and overcoat, began to sweat as I quickly scanned the other selections. Lukas crying out a bit louder, and pushing away from my chest with his arms wanting to be put down while the moisture built under my arms. There was NOTHING we hadn't already watched.

I spotted it. And had a moment of weakness. And I took it home because my sweet wife had once mentioned she thought it looked funny.

Fighting my squirming boy, I sheepishly laid "Ugly Betty" down on the counter. The 20-something clerk, who a moment ago had been having an animated conversation with another male customer about the movie "Appaloosa," looked at me, my kid, and my selection and flashed me a brief look of pity. Without saying a word or looking in my general direction, he quickly rang me up. Yes, I could tell what he was thinking. However, fighting the sudden feeling that I had just hit a new low on the Guy-o-Meter, I confidently grabbed the disc head held high and walked out.

"Ugly Betty" sat on our shelf for that whole week and a half, while I convinced Mrs. LIAYF that we needed to watch other shows. Up until Friday night, when we had nothing else to watch that wasn't dark and depressing. So, I relented and asked if she wanted to watch "Ugly Betty." O.k. It wasn't the worst show in the world. And, her smile made it all worth while! Yes, love will make you do some strange things. Some things you would never imagine yourself doing. But then again, it can also be rewarding and make you wonder why you waited so long.

Queue the purple dinosaur, I am on a roll.


Anonymous said...

Resist the purple dinosaur...RUN!!!!!

Ed (zoesdad) said...

I have been privy to the video store clerk's look of pity. And at the grocer, the mall, the hardware store...

Anonymous said...

my older brother is in love with that ugly betty chick (america??)
i know. it's weird. course you haven't met my brother :)

Martin said...

My sister's name is 'Betty'

Oh the endless mocking possibilities.

Anonymous said...

I hear you. I find myself doing totally ridiculous things as well. Things I never in a million years would have ever thought I'd do.

James (SeattleDad) said...

@MTAE - Yeah, I can resist it for a while still.

@Ed - Teach me the ways, Obi-Wan.

@Nonna - I'm sure she is much better looking off the set.

@Xbox - At least her name isn't Mulva.

@Diane - We all have to take several for the team, don't we? The price we pay for having it all.

Jason Roth said...

No PURPLE DINOSAUR!!! Don't do it.

The Dental Maven said...

They need self-serve checkout counters at video stores. Who needs that kind of scrutiny??

1sttimedad said...

I used to be hooked on Grey's Anatomy because of The Boss, but luckily I found a basketball game on Thursday nights which has ended that particular illness.

Anonymous said...

You, sir, are a better man than I. I purposely subscribe to netflix so I don't have to endure these type of trips. She can watch all these "girly" shows to her hearts content and I don't get any weird looks. :)

SciFi Dad said...

Embrace the chick flick. It'll get you laid.

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Vegasdad - I actually will hold off on that one, on second thought.

@Maven - Thanks for stopping by. They do, it's called Netflix or
Blockbuster online, which I have but sometimes I still go in.

@1sttimedad - Basketball beats Greys any day of the week!

@Super Mega Dad - We have BB online but I was in for an in store exchange.

@Scifi - Why else would guys watch these shows? lol!