Monday, February 7, 2011

Honey, You Confused The Kids

It's little conversations, like the one I had with Lukas on the way to pre-school this morning, which make being the father of a 3 year old so terrific.

As we normally do, we were laughing and kidding around about many of the different things we see passing us by, and pretending that the banana on my dashboard was somehow giving us the extra 'power' needed to climb the hill we were summiting.

Then, as we reached the top we were greeted by a rather odd looking vehicle that we hadn't seen in quite some time.  "What's that truck Daddy?"  Lukas asked quizzically.

"That's a Honey Bucket truck"  I reminded him.

"What's it do?"

"Oh, It carries around big boxes of poopy." I responded looking at him in the rear-view mirror.

"Nooooooo." was his response, giggling and flashing a huge incredulous smile.  "You are so silly daddy!"

"I'm serious buddy.  Those boxes are full of poop and pee."

"Nunt uh!  That's not a big box of poopy!  Silly Daddy!"

"Really, it is.   Like at the park we go to.  Don't you remember the plastic bathroom that smells really bad with the gross puddle under the toilet?"

"Oh, yeah.  That's yucky!"

"Well, those are plastic boxes are called Honey Buckets, buddy."

"Oh." was his response.  Then, with a puzzled look he asked "Why do they call them HONEY Buckets?"

" know, I'm not really sure buddy" was all I could come up with.  "It's not a very good name for them is it?  Maybe they should call them Poopy Buckets."

"Yeah, that's better" he agreed.  "I like honey!"


Mrs. M said...

Such a silly conversation. I love his "I love honey" at the end there - Honey Bucket just makes no sense!

WillBinMN said...

Great conversation. I love the drives to school in the morning because of conversations just like this.

Honestly, I've never heard of them called a Honey Bucket. I did a quick google and it looks like it's the name of the company. I always called them porta-johns or porta-potties. Maybe it all has to do where you live and grow up.

Homemaker Man said...

Great talk. If there is a more fun conversation than a poopy talk with your toddler, I don't know about it.

House of Ophelia, Kamtun said...

Thank you for the well "said" article. God bless

SciFi Dad said...

Honey Buckets?

We call them Port-a-Johns.

(Although, that leaves a whole world of "Why John?" questions, so it might be a wash. But still... "Honey Buckets"? Seriously?)

Steve said...

"Portaloos" here in the UK.

Nice story. I love that moment when they aren't sure whether to believe you.

Diplo_Daddy said...

Honey Buckets! Ha ha ha! O man, you're creative.

I’ve never heard that one before.

I can think of a hundred different names to accurately describe Port-a-Potties.

In my military days, they were called Sh*! Boxes.

Anonymous said...

Honey buckets? What a load of crap. Literally.

I love conversations like that with my daughter (also 3). Being a dad is pretty awesome.

Ron said...

When I was a kid I worked on a pig farm in the summer. They used one of these things. We had to load it with pig "stuff," and then spread in on the fields. It literally came from the manufacturer with the words "Honey Bucket" written on the side. I haven't haven't been able to look at honey the same since.

On another note, I really enjoy those types of rides with the kids.

Otter Thomas said...

I've never heard the term Honey Buckt for a port-a-potty but I love it. From now on Honey Bucket it is.

Lady Mama said...

Sometimes their answers make much more sense than ours.

Ordinary Dad said...

Three year olds should run the government, I swear things would be so much simpler...

Papa K said...

I've never heard them called "Honey Buckets"... but that does sound better than "Poopy Buckets" or "Sh*t Houses"

DGB said...

I too have never heard of "Honey Buckets". Always just call 'em port-a-pottys.

Knatolee said...

Hee hee hee! It gets confusing around here at honey harvesting time when I start talking about real honey buckets! "Gordon, we really need to drain those honeybuckets and get them out of the kitchen..."

I'm with Lukas. There ain't no honey in THOSE buckets. Poopy buckets, much more accurate!

Scott said...

Ha-"honey buckets"--must be a Victorian-Era euphemism for "chamber pots"!