Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Fling That Ended Badly

It was the wailing scream which woke Mrs. LIAYF and I abruptly on Sunday morning. 

It was 7:00AM which, when adjusting for the fact that daylight saving time had us turning back the clock on Saturday night, wasn't all that bad, time wise.  But upon hearing that plaintive scream, Mrs. LIAYF and I each sprung off the mattress instantly as if we had just hit the deck of a trampoline and were being catapulted by uncontrolled inertia towards the ceiling.

Instantly, we hit the bedroom floor and sprinted to Lukas' room.  Upon arriving we threw open the door, turned on the lights, and stared for a few moments mouths agape at the carnage that was spread out before us.

Apparently Lukas who (although he has been in underwear for over two years now) is still in overnight pull ups was a slight bit too *enthusiastic* when pulling them off after waking up.  As he described it through his sobs he "Gave them a fling". 

Well, I'm not sure what that heavily soaked pull up struck as it was flung across the room, but the result was something akin to an explosion, with various sized chunks of gooey gel balls being splattered far and wide throughout his room.

"What in the world were you thinking?!" one of us scolded him after he had been calmed and directed to sit in the cleanest corner of his room.  "I don't know" was his sullen reply.

Still groggy and in need of a cup of coffee, I found my keys and ventured out into the frosty morning to the garage to gather the shop-vac to suck up the majority of the sticky mess. During that process, Lukas couldn't maintain the frown on his face and even once pointed past Mrs. LIAYF smiling to tell her that she had "missed a spot".  But she only gave him the Mom look, the one that says this is definitely NOT funny at 7:10AM on a Sunday morning and he once again became contrite.

After I had gathered up the blankets and sheets for washing, we took him down for breakfast and had a serious talk with him about the gravity of throwing his clothes, much less his dirty pull-ups in the house. 

Then, after some hugs and a nice breakfast consisting of pancakes and scrambled eggs, which made us all feel much better, we forgot all about it. 

That is until later on that morning when Lukas had gone up to change into clothes for going out of the house.  Downstairs at the time, Mrs. LIAYF and I again heard a loud thud which sounded like something had fallen.  And, again we hurried up to his room to find out what had happened.

This time our son had fallen when climbing on a stack of books he had set on his step stool.  He was trying to reach his pajama shirt which, incidental, was way up on top of his wardrobe. It had gotten stuck up there we he flung off his shirt while getting undressed. 

After seeing that he was alright, we both had to laugh.  Oh yeah, there's never a dull moment when you're a parent.  But dull would be okay every once in a while.


danielpelfrey said...

I'm reminded of the time my daughter fell out of bed.

It's funny how so many of the little things wind up being the things we remember most distinctly later in life. "Remember that day Lukas threw his pull-up on the wall?"

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Danielpelfry - Ouch, that looks painful. Yeah, good idea to turn on the light and look!

Yep, I am sure this will be one we remember as he gets older. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

Diplo_Daddy said...

Be happy it was only a wet diaper.

My sister use to “finger paint” on the walls of the bathroom, back when she was an itty bitty thing, and just learning how to use the toilet. Talk about a mess...a stinky mess at that.

Jack said...

I have witnessed some of those "flings" from my daughter. But they weren't as bad as the few times she got into lipstick and paint. Oy....

momnextdoor said...

Oh my goodness! That is so gross! I love little boys! :-)