Thursday, November 3, 2011

Monthly 5: What I'm Enjoying in November

Drinking: Manny's Pale Ale from Georgetown Brewing, Seattle Washington.  Manny's is easily my favorite beer. You can't get it in bottles, but it's ubiquitous in Seattle area restaurants and bars for a reason.  Poured into a pint glass it's the perfect mix of smooth and refreshing.  Next time you're in Seattle grab yourself a pint or two.

Watching: Friday Night Lights Season 4Don't let anyone tell you there are no good father figures in today's media.  Coach Eric Taylor as well as his wife Tammy are two of the most compelling, and well developed, parent figures I have watched on screen in quite some time.  This show, which we started watching only because we were running out of good dramas to stream on Netflix, is so good Mrs. LIAYF and I find ourselves staying up way to late on many more work nights than we should.  Yeah, highly recommended.

Reading: The Yiddish Policeman's Union by Michael Chabon  I have to admit that I have been reading this book for a long time.  Like a couple of months long time.  That's because the only time I give myself to read novels anymore is when I crawl into bed and usually it's *Boom Boom, out go the Lights!*  To the books credit I have stuck with it because, like most of Chabon's work, it really is an interesting, well written read.  Check back with me in a few more weeks, I may be a few pages and a few nights from the end!

Listening to: Black Whales Shangri-la Indeed  Ever since I subscribed to Spotify a few weeks back I have been on a quest to listen to many of those bands who sounded intriguing, but I could never hear enough of to get a feel for their music.  With the Black Whales, I listened because I was trying to sort out all those bands with 'Black' in their band name.  What I found with this Seattle! based quartet was an instantly addictive mix of Americana, Alternative, and Rock which, despite those 15 million other choices on Spotify, has me listening over and over again.

Visiting:  Theo Chocolate Factory, Seattle Washington  As part of her 40th (I know, she doesn't look even close to 40 right?) birthday on Halloween, I took Mrs. LIAYF to Theo Chocolates in Seattle for their factory tour.  Housed in Redhook's original micro-brewing facility, Theo is darn tasty chocolate. But better yet it is Organic and fair trade as well. 

With the factory tour you get to learn all about how Theo buys, roasts, and grinds Cacao beans into perhaps the best chocolate in the states, all while sampling bucket loads of exotic flavored bars.  Definitely worth a visit if you have a couple hours to kill in the city.

So tell me readers, what are you enjoying this November?


Slamdunk said...

Happy belated birthday to your Mrs., and enjoy your weekend James.

Anonymous said...

um...I'm enjoying your blog. And the fact that you mentioned chocolate that is fair trade, not a lot of people are thinking about stuff like that! Happy b-day (belated) to your wife, not that she knows who I am...

Rachael said...

I have wanted to go to Theo Chocolate FOREVER for their tour. Maybe this year I'll get a chance.

I am enjoying hot chocolate this month. Something about this fall just has me really into the season.

BloggerFather said...

Damn, it's November already?

Mrs. LIAYF said...

@Rachael - Theo Chocolate is DELICIOUS!! We tasted so many different chocolates and really enjoyed the tour (we went on Halloween, so our tour was given by Wonder Woman - very cool). Plus, we got a discount on chocolates after the tour - yummy!!!