Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dad's A-Z: F is for Family Size

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Lukas keeps asking Mrs. LIAYF and I when he is going to have a little brother or sister.

That's a good question.  I wrote a post back in September announcing that we were looking to adopt a second child. If you haven't already, go read it.  It says so much more than this post will.  Now, eight months later we are still waiting. Still waiting, as we like to describe it, for our 2nd child to choose us.

With busy lives, eight months can slip by seemingly in a heartbeat.  But it hasn't for us.  Not at all.

For us, each day of the past eight months of waiting has been it's own reminder that our home is overflowing with love and laughter.  That there is just too much of it for a mere 3 people to handle.  Way too much!

Now I don't mean to alarm anyone, but we are drowning in love and laughter here. It is filling up our rooms as it spreads itself through our open spaces. It's under our chins and rising as we have our heads pressed firmly against the ceiling.

Like I said, we are drowning here.

What we need is a sponge.  A perfect little child sized sponge to soak up all that extra love and laughter and set things to rights in our home.  To rescue us from our peril.  Is that too much to ask?  I think not.

Lukas is so helpful around the house too.  We know that he would do a terrific job of taking that sponge and helping it to soak up all the extra goodness that abounds here.

He even has a list of Big Brother Promises:

I want to hold the baby and read the baby books.
I want to show the baby the stars on my bedroom ceiling.
I want to teach the baby how to be safe and use good words.
I want to protect the baby from kids who are not nice.
I want to teach the baby  how to walk and ride a bike.
I want to be silly and make the baby laugh.
And, most of all, I want to hug and kiss the baby.
I will be a good big brother, I know I will.

We just need that sponge to, as we say, choose us.  For all our sakes, we hope that is soon.

For those interested, we still have an adoption badge over on the right hand column that you can grab the code for and paste on your site. If you decide to post it, we would be extremely grateful.

Also, we now have our very own adoption profile over at Parent Profiles .  Please, if you know of a prospective birth mother looking for a family to adopt her child, please consider referring her to us.  Via email would be best.

Thanks so much.


momnextdoor said...

I was just wondering how it was going. Thanks for the update, but I'm sorry it's been agonizingly slow. I still have your button on my page and I truly hope you can find a birth mother soon!

Keep us posted.

Slamdunk said...

What a powerful and appealing family profile over there James. My thoughts and prayers are with you all as you wait.

J-Tony said...

Hang in there. I'm sure it's been rough, but it will happen. Keep the faith.

Hey Monkey Butt said...

Wishin you guys good luck. She/he will find you soon enough!!!

James (SeattleDad) said...

@momnextdoor - Thanks so much. Hopefully the profile will start things rolling. It's been slow so far.

@Slamdunk - Thank you sir. It's something we plan on adding to as well.

@j-tony - Appreciated. Thanks for stopping by.

@Monkey - Thank you.