Friday, January 18, 2013

High Fiven Dad Blog

Up High!

Happy Friday readers.

I would like to start out by telling you some fantastic news.  I have been contacted by a publisher who wants me to turn Luke, I am Your Father into a book!  AND, they have offered me a big fat advance. So I can officially quite my day job and become a Stay at Home Dad.

Sure, I would like to like to start by telling you that.  But, of course it's not true.  This isn't a fairy tale after all.  This is the real world people! Snap out of it.  Stuff like that doesn't happen in the real world.  C'mon, tell me you didn't buy that line.  Actually, I know you.  You read this blog, and therefore immediately recognized that statement for the transparent stunt that it was.

Because this is the real world.

In the real world guys like me get up at the crack of dawn.  We grab a banana and a cup of Joe and then trudge out the door and grab the bus to work where we pour our heart and soul into our jobs, giving 110% and then some while pounding away bleary eyed at the keyboard because we haven't slept well the night before, with an infant in the house and all.

In the real world, guys like me then go home and help with dinner, read to the kids, fold laundry, and do the dishes.  In the real world, after playing the role of bad guy in a Lego adventure only their sons could dream up, guys like me will then help to get the kids bathed,  fed a snack, diapered, and put to bed.

Then in the real world guys like me will put the kids back to bed a couple more times, and convince them there are no monsters or aliens, or real life bad guys in their rooms intent on causing them harm, or give them a pacifier and tighten the swaddle just a bit.

Then, and only then, in the real world will guys like me sit down in front of the computer for a couple of the few moments we do have before going to bed and starting the process over once again, and write something hopefully profound and humorous about the whole process.

And, in the real world, if a guy like me is lucky - which I most certainly am - he will have more than his share of heart achingly beautiful, touching, and gloriously sublime moments in between, playing with and raising his precocious and adorable kids along side his amazingly generous, beautiful, and tolerant wife.

All this will, of course, have inspired him to keep writing about it.

For 5 whole years.

Yep, it's my Blogaversary today. So slap me some skin.


Unknown said...

Five years! Here's slapping you some skin =) Way to stick with it.

Slamdunk said...

Happy 5, James, and I'll save the congrats message on the book deal for another time.

Carter said...

Congratulations, James. But I thought in the Real World they put eight strangers in a house together to see what would happen. You left that part out.

Really, though. Very nice piece, and when that book deal happens, make sure it's available for Nook AND Kindle.

daniel said...

Because this seems the most appropriate response

Jared Karol said...

Skin slapped! Congrats on five years, and great post that captures how it is for me too. Here's to five more years!

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Jesse - Thanks man. Up high, and on the side!

@Slamdunk - Let's not hold our collective breaths on that. But thanks!

@daniel - A classic. "WHITE GUYS!"

@Carter - Oh, that's some other real world for sure. it.

@Jarod - For sure. Thanks. You've got to be getting up there too, no?

Homemaker Man said...

You're old. Congratulations man.

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Homemaker Man - Yes, I am. Thanks man. How long have you been at it?

neal call said...

I can't even imagine what's going to be going on in our lives four years and change from now. Will I still be blogging? Will I still have all of my limbs? Will I be able to beam my thoughts to the internet without ever having to use my stubby little fingers for typing?

5 years is big. Really says something about commitment to a project, commitment to a legacy. Very cool.

Also, just wanted to say I read Mrs. LIAYF's response on the Challenger post, and I'm still thinking about those tough concepts. How to prepare myself and my kid for the conversations, without dropping bombs cold-turkey.

Anyway, keep on truckin'!

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Neal - Thanks. I can honestly say that I thought about pulling the plug on numerous occasions, but persevered - often because Mrs. LIAYF convinced me to. I'm glad I am still here and proud of the record I'm leaving behind for the kidos.

And, we will all drop the ball on occasion re: those conversations. But for every one of those, there will be hundreds that we get right, and that's what the kids will remember.

Mrs. LIAYF said...

I'm so glad you are still blogging 5 years later. It's been a hard slog at times, but your creativity astounds me. And, you and I both know you don't get much creative outlet at work. Good job!! :)

Dad of Divas said...

Congrats on 5 years! I just hit 5.5 and am still enjoying it too. It is a hard go coming up with new material at times, but well worth it!

J-Tony said...

Awesome post. Sorry I'm late, but high five to you and the blog.