Monday, August 26, 2013

Han Solo Shot

We were finishing up a family biking trip this afternoon, which culminated in a short shuttle ride that dropped us off a few blocks from home, when we realized as we departed the shuttle that, after sprinkling for a while, it was now beginning to rain in earnest.

After riding a few miles, and playing hard on the beach for the afternoon, Lukas was pretty tired and had fallen asleep on the bus ride.  We had taken the bus to avoid a pretty steep grade we would have had to navigate had we decided to ride all the way home.  We're practical like that.

Anyway, so as we arrived at our stop I unloaded the bikes from the front of the bus while Mrs. LIAYF stepped off the bus with a sleeping 6 year old hanging off of her neck.  To that point we hadn't bothered to don our rain jackets, but with big drops coming down I fished our jackets out of the bike panniers.

Mrs. LIAYF set Lukas down and I told a now bleary eyed Lukas to hold out his arms while I slipped the light blue rain jacket over his shoulders and grabbed each side so I could straighten it across his little chest.

It was at that point that he looked up at me, and with the look of a tired boy still in his eyes said.....

"Snap it up, Fuzzball."

Then, and only then did he let a wide smile cross his face.  Of course, the unexpectedness of that zinger caused me to laugh out loud.  I mean, his timing was spot on and took me by complete surprise.

To that I could only say.  "Well played young Padawan.  Well played."

The comedic force is certainly strong in this one.


Anonymous said...

You know he will rise up and destroy you one day? But until then, enjoy the best father-son relationship in the Galaxy...

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Modernfatheronline - Yeah, I am anticipating that. That's why I am enjoying it while I can. Thanks for stopping by.

daniel said...

I hope you said "Don't get cocky, kid."

James (SeattleDad) said...

@daniel - I wish I could go back and say that, but sadly no.