Thursday, January 17, 2008

All Apologies!

Sorry Lukas. There, I said it. Turns out you were not being stubborn or fussy and holding out for mom after all. All those months I worried that you were not taking a bottle and I would be having to deal with those first few crazy days with you once your mother went back to work. Turns out you were trying to tell me something profound all along. Something along the lines of "I know you think I am being picky, but really I just don't want any of this sour milk"
Yes, in the "if it's strange, I'm not surprised it happened to us" department, it turns out that my wife has an abundance of the enzyme Lipase in her milk which, among other good things, also causes the milk to go sour prematurely when cooled. We tasted the milk and confirmed that it was sour, although I don't have the acute senses to detect it as readily as Mrs. LIAYF or Lukas for that matter, so I continued to try to give Lukas the same sour milk over and over thinking that I would eventually wear him down. I felt like an awful dad for a while once we found out. Luckily, there is a solution. The milk has to be scalded (dipped in 190 degree water for 15 seconds) in order for this effect to be neutralized. As odd as it sounds, it does work.
Lukas has been drinking all his milk from a sippy cup bottle like a champ ever since we began scalding it before freezing. So, again, I am truly sorry Budlet. Looks like we have an early indicator of who the smart guy in the family is. You have taught me a lesson Grasshopper!

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