Monday, January 28, 2008

He Speaks: Part Deux!

Update: After throwing the red flag just moments before the next play was snapped, Mrs. LIAYF and I huddled together and determined that Lukas has clearly associated 'da-da', and 'da' and 'ada' with yours truly! So, after further review......we have decided to declare 'da-da' his first verbally spoken word while the ASL Milk sign will remain his first non-verbal spoken word!

His mother will say, "where's da-da" and Lukas will turn to me and with the biggest grin he can muster, sa 'da' 'da' 'da-da'. That's pure gold right there!

Of course the tricky part is that, this is still his only spoken word (although he does do a guttural moan sometimes put together in two quick successive bursts that come out sounding surprisingly like part of the refrain to 'The Rolling Stones' song 'Sympathy for the Devil'. Kind of like 'whoooo, whooooo' and immediately I finish in my head...'Don't you know my name?') so that is the word he also uses to express himself whenever he wants to actually 'say' something. Therefore, he also looks at some toys on his quilt and...out comes 'da' or at a passing ball of fur (hey we have two feline freeloaders, remember) and again 'da'.

It seems like that is the word of choice right now, especially since it is the only one available, but he is clearly saying it every time he looks to me and is grinning from ear to ear. Call me delusional, but to me that is definitely his first word. Hopefully it will be a while before he learns certain others, like 'Pu-lease'.

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