Friday, January 18, 2008

Reality Hits!

Well, it had to happen sometime. Mrs. LIAYF and I were discussing daycare last night and it simultaneously hit both of us like a sucker punch to the gut, that in about a month we will be handing Lukas off to complete strangers for hours on end. You have to realize that throughout his young life Lukas has been out of the care of either myself or his mother for a total of about 2 hours! To make matters worse, he is just recently developed the beginnings of stranger anxiety. On two separate occasions recently, he has had experiences where he was out of our sight being held by other people and has had a look of fear so real that you could film a horror flick based on that look alone!

We immediately shifted into protection mode and decided that I would go to the daycare today and pay them a 20-30 minute visit to get Lukas an early orientation to his future daytime pad. In addition Mrs. LIAYF and I are going to arrange a visit next Wednesday to the daycare for an extended visit to get to know his future provider intimately. Those trips, plus at least a few more before the mid February d-date, should give us and Luke some peace of mind that we are not really leaving him with strangers, but trusted providers who are very good with babies his age. Wish us Luck! We will need it much more than Lukas I am sure.

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