Monday, April 28, 2008

A Little Off the Sides, Please...

It progressively got worse as Lukas got older. We laughed it off. But a couple of times in the last few weeks someone, despite Lukas being dressed in blue or other normally boy specific colors and styles, has commented to us how cute our little girl is, or said something such as "How old is she?" These comments finally convinced Mrs. LIAYF and I that it was time for Lukas to get his first haircut.

Neither of us actually think he looked like a girl before the haircut, and it was still not the norm to get comments such as those. We had visions of a mop-topped little boy with 70's action star hair. Perhaps Starsky or Hutch, or even Steve Austin the 'Six Million Dollar Man' (whom I, because of my last name Austin, was linked to all through-out my grade school days). In reality even a few of the girlish comments, along with the fact that it was getting a bit unruly and into his eyes, cut that vision short.

We took Lukas to West Seattle Kids, a local kids' stylist, to get his first official shortening. It was fun! He wore his overalls, sat on a tractor chair, and enjoyed himself. The general farm theme of the place seemed appropriate given his long rooted farming ancestry.

In the end Luke's hair turned out looking very nice and definitely all little boy. It wasn't a buzz cut by any means, so we may have to go back sooner than we would like. All in all it was a great first lowering of his ears and he received quite a few compliments on his cute 'boy' haircut.

Well worth the time. No one will be calling him 'Hutch' anytime soon.


Whit said...

Our friends' son had pretty long hair until he was almost 5. Every time we went to a park or wherever the other kids would run up and ask him if he was a boy or a girl.

I've got no problem with long hair, but that would have driven me crazy.

Jason Roth said...

At least he won't be gender confused. I like the new 'do.