Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Phat Burns!

Lukas is getting quite the head of hair lately, but I am especially impressed by these sideburns. This is from a guy who was never able to grow sideburns no matter how hard I tried.

I actually do know that these are not really sideburns in an official sense, but they look impressive nonetheless. I see a long career as a salty old sea captain in his future. Yeah, we could dye them white and train them down his face like mutton chops. Great for catching his crumbs!

Well, maybe it's time to cut them back a bit! Mrs. LIAYF loves them though, so it may not be soon.


Jeremy Neal said...

He's growing up man! Things like haircuts, funny facial expressions, funny sayings and more make this a really special time!

James Austin said...

It certainly is! Even the tough moments are great.

Thanks for stopping by.