Friday, April 25, 2008

A Real Stand-Up Guy

A horse trots into a bar, the bartender says ' Hey, why the long face?'...

Why was the Energizer Bunny arrested? ......He was charged with battery.
What is invisible and smells like carrots?......Rabbit farts.

Ok, Lukas has not started ripping off lame one-liners like these quite yet, but he has started to demonstrate a rather refreshing sense of humor lately. In a nod to his budding future career as a comic genius, Lukas has pulled off some pretty funny gags as of late.

It all started with what we recognized as 'Luke the Funny' formulating his first joke when after a healthy nursing session with mom, I held him for a burp and he leaned back, glared inquisitively at me, opened his mouth as wide as possible, then faked like he was going to nurse on my nose before backing off and laughing heartily! It was a good routine and one that we both cracked up at (not so tough a crowd). Mrs LIAYF remarked that we had just seen his first joke.

It continued this week with the old 'psych' routine involving his beloved cheerios. Luke has been showing how he recognizes items by responding to our questions about them. For instance, I will say 'Lukas, where is the book?' and he will respond by banging the said book (amongst many available items, mind you) with whatever banging instrument he has in his little hand. Yesterday, in response to mom's instruction to 'Give mom a cheerio' he, a few times in a row, picked up and handed Mrs. LIAFY a cheerio with a big grin of accomplishment! Next, she instructed Lukas to 'Give dad a cheerio'. Lukas, with all the seriousness of the task at hand, picked up the cheerio to place it in my hand, only to pull it away at the last instant before I took it and stick it in his own hungry little mouth! This was, of course, accompanied by a huge 'Gotcha' smile, and was repeated a couple of more times to ensure that we knew this was no mere mistake.
Dad had been had. The butt of the joke. Great Fodder (pun intended). I guess I had better get used to it! He is, after all, his father's son.


RC said...

that's awesome...

don't girls always say they like guys with a sense of humor?

sounds like you're having fun!

James (SeattleDad) said...

Thanks RC! And thanks for the visit. I just checked out your site. Nice, and intersting too!