Thursday, August 14, 2008

Think Out Loud Thursday

Random thoughts . . .

Lukas was bit again at daycare today. Apparently some kid (had to be The Nemesis) walked right up to him after his nap and, unprovoked, gave a rather deep and painful bite to his right shoulder. The daycare gave him ice and TLC, but wouldn't say who inflicted the bite. However, we have witnessed The Nemesis inflict various methods of pain on other kids, unprovoked each time. By the way, The Nemesis also has the wierdest kackle laugh I have ever heard in a child, or adult for that matter. We will have to watch out for this kid.

Our little boy is becoming more and more his own person lately. This past weekend we took Lukas to an outdoor play where they handed out those tacky plastic leis. Lukas got a couple and seemed to enjoy wearing them the rest of the afternoon. We had forgotten completely about them until last night. I was talking to Mrs. LIAYF in the kitchen when Luke walked by us, out into the living room, and then returned a few minutes with one of the leis around his neck babbling to himself with a very proud expression on his face. Mrs. LIAYF and I could barely contain ourselves!

We just started watching season 5 of 'The Wire' this week on Netflix. This really is one of the best television series we have seen in quite some time. This season chronicles, in part, the demise of a major city newspaper - the parallels between the show and what is happening nationwide with our print media are rather thought-provoking.

I have heard a lot of talk recently about Tiger Woods being the greatest living athlete. That is hard to argue with but this Phelps kid has to be giving him a run for his money. Have you seen his Olympic performances? Amazing!

And, finally, why the heck is Bigfoot spending his time in Georgia, especially this time of year when it is so nice here at home in the Pacific Northwest?



Idaho Dad said...


I sent you an email... You won the DVDs. Contact me!

Anonymous said...

Phelps is a machine. His heart pumps 2x more blood than the normal man. He is bionic.

SciFi Dad said...

Nice work with Photoshop.

I think Lukas is just biding his time, waiting for an opportunity to unleash his wrath of a thousand furies on The Nemesis. Why let the teachers have all the fun, right?

And uh, yeah... they did a thing on Phelps last night on NBC: double jointed knees, torso of a man that is 6'8, legs of a man that is 6'0... somebody check his DNA.

Anonymous said...

Phelps = Freak.

Tiger Woods = Freak.

Big Foot = Freak.

Guys inventing Big Foot story = freakiest.

BusyDad said...

I'm 36 and I still walk around babbling incoherently with pride!

Ed (zoesdad) said...

Man, biting kids suck! May be time to teach your boy about a swift punch in the nose.

Being us... said...

The biting thing is the pits, unfortunately Jake has started biting AND pinching. Of course it is only on me and maybe an innocent cousin that is crowding him too much. But nonetheless I don't know how to stop it! I would hate for Jake to become "The Nemesis"! I am working on things to break this nasty habit, too bad the kid in daycare hasn't been broken of that habit yet!

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Phil - Thanks, I sent you an email.

@DC - Yeah, Phelps is awesome.

@SciFi - He bit someone himself again today. He is readying himself.

@MTAE - You forgot the Nemesis.

@Busy - After how many cold ones?

@Ed - I'm thinking Martial Arts might do.

@Mandy - You would have to teach Jake that wierd Kackle laugh first. Seriously though, I hope it is just a phase for both of them and the Nemesis too.