Tuesday, August 19, 2008

You Just Can't Make This Stuff Up . . .

Proving that yes, there is a book about everything, Mrs. LIAYF recently read a snippet about "My Beautiful Mommy." Its target audience? Families with children who don't quite recognize their mother after mommy comes home from cosmetic plastic surgery! That's right, it helps kids who are traumatized by the fact that mom just doesn't look like mom anymore. Only in America!
Of course, we all understand that cosmetic surgery may be appropriate for many medical and personal reasons. But, I don't think the book is aimed at those who need such surgery. Rather, the book is for parents who consciously choose unnecessary and "beautifying" surgery that alters their personal appearance so much that their own children don't recognize them. I can almost hear these poor children after suffering through such a painful events . . .
"Mommy, why do you always look so startled now?"
"Mommy, why don't your eyes blink anymore?"
"What did you do with my Mommy?"
I kid, but hey this is a serious book dealing with a very serious social issue facing our country. I want to hear more from our Presidential candiates regarding what they would do to help ease this trauma which many of our nation's youth are dealing with daily. Until we have a clear picture of how America plans on dealing with this issue, these kids will have to look to other sources to soothe their fear and ease their pain. Enter "My Beautiful Mommy"
Here is just a sample description of what you will find inside. From the Amazon.com product description:
"Once mommy is home and the child sees that mommy is bandaged and bruised, they can become even more worried and inquisitive. Finally, when the bandages come off and mommy looks somewhat different, their confusion may lead to responses that adults may find inappropriate or hard to understand."
Thankfully, you can help avoid your child's possible inappropriate responses to their mommy swapping her familiar face for that of a stranger. So, if there is identity altering cosmetic plastic surgery in your future, be sure to consider the effect on the little ones first and get yourself a copy of "My Beautiful Mommy." Your kids will thank you.
That is if they can recognize you!


Sandra said...

OMG, that has got to be tongue in cheek! Or like you say - only in America.

Plastic surgery hasn't quite caught on down here, haha.

James (SeattleDad) said...

tw - it's a real book written by a plastic surgeon father of four. No kidding.

SciFi Dad said...

When this book was first making the rounds in mid-April, some speculated that it was actually a vanity publication. Now it appears to have a publisher, turning it from an advertisement into an actual children's book.

(And according to a librarian review at amazon, not a very well-written one either.)

Anonymous said...

Amazing. No other comment.

Anonymous said...

Here's an idea - a book that explains to children why, when mommy hit 40, daddy got a new mommy who is only 25.

Anonymous said...

My Mini-Kamp's Mommy is beautiful without silicone and botox. Now her Daddy could use some exercise and a shave.

Jason Roth said...

In other words, if you don't like how you look, you can do what mommy did and change yourself. Great message :(. You're right...only in America.

Martin said...


It's been said, only in America...

Anonymous said...

Good grief

Ed (zoesdad) said...

Crap! Three years and two and a half chapters written and I find someone's already got my book idea published. Oh, well. Back to the drawing board.

Like XBox said--unreal!

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Scifi - Yeah, the magazine where Mrs. LIAYF saw it, ripped it as well.

@MTAE - Amazingly dumb!

@Art dada - My opinion? If you need plastic surgury just to keep your husband from leaving you for a younger woman, then you are married to an ass and shouldn't bother.

@Dc - Sounds like you are a lucky guy.

@Vegasdad - Right, a terrible message to impressionable kids.

@Xbox - Well, i guess it probably happens elsewhere as well.

@Dan - Charlie Brown would have been proud.

@Ed - That seriously cracked me up dude!