Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tweetcycling III

It's Tweetcycling Day once again readers. This is the series where I give some of my little used humor tweets a second chance at life. However this time I'm going to try something new. I'm going to give you the chance to recycle and post your own tweets and link them up right here.
If you decide to play along, feel free to include as many as you like in your post. Hey, I'm not delusional, but It would be great to see at least a couple of your posts linked back here.

And who knows, if this I get decent enough response/feedback I may make this a more regular meme. You can read the first two installments here and here.

Just remember: One man's trash is another man's treasure:

Feels odd. For the first time in forever I forgot my wedding ring at home today. What's even more odd? I haven't been hit on yet.

Edison took 10,000 tries to perfect the light bulb, but my wife and I only 1 to perfect the Perpetual Motion machine.

Regardless of how they taste, shouldn't meatless meatballs just be called 'meatless balls'?

I must have earned an advanced belt in fatherhood for negotiating a urinal with a 3yo sporting a balloon sword and scabbard.

Apply sunblock to a squirming 3yo - now off my bucket list.

'And he spoke in a voice that was sharpish and bossy'. Hmmm.....My 3yo might be moonlighting as The Lorax.

Wife asked for a beer with dinner but has only taken a couple sips. I'm now circling it like an opportunistic hawk.

Wife looks at picture of B&B in Ireland "Wow, look at that view!" Me: "Um, that's a pasture. Find one next to a pub."

Wife ate a Hershey's kiss. 2.5 yo runs in and says "I smell chocolate".

Saw a squirrel on the sidewalk this AM eating from a candy bar wrapper. Ironically, it was a Skor.

I'm getting pretty good at this dad thing. Just successfully recognized the warning fart.

I really need to dust here. This is also known as 'rubbing my index finger over a given surface in successive lines'.

Beer way over in fridge. Now would be an ideal time to develop telekinesis.

2.5yo "Look, my poopoo made a T. And There's an S too!" Wife: "Wow. Now lets see if you can make an I and an H".

Listen here Horsefly. You come into MY house uninvited, eat my food, drink my water, buzz my head. And I'm just supposed to let it go?

Uncountable months later, I have finally finished what may just be the most inappropriately named product ever - Speed Stick.

Just got buzzed by that huge horsefly. I think it wants to be my Mountain Banshee.

Love that playing Hide n Seek with 2yo I can, from behind bed call "I'm in the toilet" and he will still run over and look inside.

Forget Swiffer, nothing beats the versatility of a good old fashioned sock mop.


PJ Mullen said...

Hmm, my son has extrasensory perception whenever chocolate is opened in our house too. Cool idea, not sure I have enough witty tweets to play along. I'll have to start getting funnier.

Anonymous said...

Love the one about his poop making a T. Also the one about you forgetting your wedding ring... Pretty witty dude... pretty witty

SciFi Dad said...

And the annexation of your blog by twitter continues...

Annette said...

The alphabet poop almost made me LOL at work. So now I have a great big grin, thanks for the chuckles.

Mrs. M said...

Glad it's not just my child that sees the artistic side of poop. :)

Chris (@tessasdad) said...

I felt one linked. Here are a few for you:

* My neck beard is coming in nicely this week. Hygiene goes to shit when you're a #SAHD

And one in honor of the World Cup...
* I'll say it now so all my friends following #WorldCup know - I do not think France makes it out of the first round. Karma is a

James (SeattleDad) said...

@PJ - It's eerie, isn't it?

@handstowar - Thanks man. You have some good ones too. You should do this for one of your 30 posts.

@SciFi - Not that that is working out for me.

@Annette - Thanks for stopping by.

@Mighty M - It's fascinating stuff that poo.

@Chris - Ha. Thanks man. I'm still going to give it a few days. Maybe i'll get a couple.

Knatolee said...

Your Tweets are so good that it almost makes me want to join Twitter!!

Didactic Pirate said...

Best Blog name ever. You had me before I even started reading. Then I started reading, and it was awesome. I'm in.

Carl said...

i actually enjoy your site and am including it on my blogroll