Thursday, August 19, 2010

Monthly 5. What I'm Enjoying in August

Drinking: Redhook Copper Hook. Terrific malty Carmel flavor. Goes especially well with fresh piece of grilled Sockeye Salmon and buttery corn on the cob. Serve ice cold.

Watching: Flash Forward Season 1. This is a terrific new Sci-Fi series with a compelling concept. The only problem? It was cancelled after the season ended. Unbelievable. Perhaps ABC needed the room for another Bachelor spin-off. As if that's what we all need more of...

Reading: The Burning Land by Bernard Cornwell. The 5th installment in Historical Fiction master Cornwell's series about the Danish invasions of England in the tenth century. Puts you right in the center of a shield wall fending off bloodthirsty attackers. Fun stuff.

Listening to: I and Love and You by The Avett Bros. The Avett Bros are fast becoming one of my A-list bands. They never fail to disappoint with their mix of bluegrass punk rock. This album is more mellow than the previous ones, but it works in a whole new terrific way.

Visiting: Ever since they sent me an email the other day indicating that my house value had increased nearly 19% in the past 30 days, I have been perusing their site. It's very informative. And the stats on my house have me counting my imaginary windfall and feeling much better about our future prospects.

So tell me, what are you enjoying this month readers?


Mrs. M said...

I liked Flash Forward at the beginning, but it kind of lost it's spark a few episodes in (for me).

We just started watching season 1 of Dexter and we are hooked!

Brandon said...

ABC is awesome about canceling shows people like... Can anyone say "Middleman"? Big fan of Natalie Morales.

Didactic Pirate said...

We loved Flash Forward! It was one of the few shows we actually invested in last season. So bummed it got canned.

Anonymous said...

Drinking - Fresca (on the wagon)
Watching - Burn Notice via USA online
Reading - Inside of eyelids when opportunity presents itself
Listening - 5 Finger Death Punch - need angry music to keep up my current fitness ambitions
Visiting - anything not real estate related. sales in our neighborhood have been bad and our dreams of selling the smurf house have been dashed.

Papa K said...

Enjoying "Blue Moon" beer myself. Real good with a slice of Orange in it. They have that up there in Seattle?!

You know... perhaps we should do some sort of "beer trade" where I send you a six-pack of beer from Oklahoma (or surrounding area) and you send me a beer exclusive to the Seattle area!

Awwwww dude... that's like... the best idea i've EVER HAD!! Then we could blog about it! Dude... I'm like the dopest dude ever for coming up with that idea.

Sybil Runs Things said...

I have been adoring my Avett Brothers station on Pandora. So delicious.

Otter Thomas said...

I loved Flash Forward but when I heard they cancelled the show I didn't even watch the final two episodes. I figured what's the point?

Sahd Story said...

I agree with Mighty M I lost interest after a couple of shows. Thought it got really hookey. I am into Rescue Me.

And ABC sucks. I am still pissed that they cancelled Eli Stone!

Keith Wilcox said...

Yeah, you live in one of the only markets that isn't devaluing. I'm reading Anna Karenina, but I'm not listening to anything or watching anything in particular. My mom LOVES flash forward.

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Mighty M - I'm still liking it at episode 12. Dexter wouldn't fly here. Too gruesome for Mrs. LIAYF.

@Brandon - Never watched Middleman. will have to check it out.

@Didactic - I know. Kinda like Firefly.

@PJ - Watched season 1 of Burn Notice and was 'Meh'. Does it get better?

@Papa K - Yes! But, you are correc that we would have to get by the shipping of beer hurdle.

@Mamamilkers - Love me some Avett Bros. Did you see the show recently at the Paramount?

@Otter - I am hoping that they wrap it up in the end.

@Sahd - Rescue Me sounds good. Will have to give it a go, since we are always looking for a good series to rent.

@Keith - I know. I actually tweeted about it and the Zillow account sent me additional data that supported the email. Sweet.

Anonymous said...
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SciFi Dad said...

Dude, do yourself a favour and just stop watching FlashForward now. Take it from someone who watched it religiously last season, vainly hoping for a cohesive resolution (since the writing was on the wall WELL before the final episode was shot). You won't be happy.

If I Could Escape . . . said...

Nice! Wish we had bought a house in Seattle -- our house value has DROPPED by over 50%.