Friday, August 27, 2010

So, You Think You Can What?

"We danced around like CWAZY!" was his emphatic response as I held my cell phone - speaker on - behind me on the drive home yesterday. It was in response to Mrs. LIAYF's inquiry as to what he did at pre-school that day.

"Sounds like you had fun today" one, or perhaps both of us, responded.

In retrospect, I'm not so sure now if his pre-school is having the best influence on our son as he ends his 2nd week back, after 8 months at home.

That's because later, as I climbed the stairs to join my wife and son who had started the bedtime routine, Lukas came out of his room in the middle of getting undressed. He obviously wanted to elaborate on his afternoon dance routine with his little buddies at school.

"It was called Booty Shake!" he explained naked but for the shoes, and shorts around his ankles. "And, how did it go?" Mrs. LIAYF asked, shooting me a amused but quizzical glance.

"Like this" he responded, before leaning forward and sticking out his backside. That was soon followed by what can only be described as a bout of spastic-like, out of control jumping around the hallway. It was bizarre enough to bring an immediate burst of laughter from both Mrs. LIAYF and I.

"That" was all I could think to say as I turned to Mrs. LIAYF who still had a large grin of amusement on her face.

Okay, I think I'll just assume now that when the formal preschool curriculum begins in a couple of weeks they'll have the kids start right away on some advanced math, quantum physics, classic literature. You know, the type of subjects that would justify the figure - which may just rival the GDP of some third world countries - which we are now handing over to his providers each month.

Because I'd really hate to think that all he'll come home with are lessons such as how to shake his groove thang. That would more disturbing.
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BloggerFather said...

My boy got up from his seat in the restaurant two days ago and started dancing on top of the high chair. Then, before we left, a waitress gave us a cupcake because apparently he made her day. So if you want to save money on dessert, you should definitely keep him in school!

Mrs. M said...

That's awesome - but yes, let's hope the curriculum gets a little more intelligent than those booty shakes!!

Beta Dad said...

I don't know about Washington, but here in Cali, "booty shaking" is in the state standards for pre-K.

DGB said...

Never too early to start busting out those dance moves.

If I Could Escape . . . said...

Sorry but I can't stop laughing! Ain't it grand what they learn at school!

If I Could Escape . . . said...

Sorry but I can't stop laughing! Ain't it grand what they learn at school!

WeaselMomma said...

The Booty Shake is all the rage! Mr. Weasel does it all the time and yes, it is very disturbing.

writtendad said...

The fact that he did it bare-assed makes it classic. And come on, you know that a good booty shake is something everyone should learn. And I can tell you that Lukas is not alone. I found Our son "dancing" on His bed singing "Dynamite" by Taio Cruz. He was dressed, but that was pretty bad too.

Keith Wilcox said...

HAHA! What? you don't think the booty shake is conducive to world betterment? What's the matter with you? :-)

Anonymous said...

So, they're teaching the booty shake in preschool, huh? Time to rethink the whole homeschooling thing.

SciFi Dad said...

Did we already know Mrs. LIAYF was no longer doing the daycare thing? I remember you mentioning it was tough, but I didn't realize it was done, done.

As for "dancing", my two year old (my older daughter, with two full years of formal dance instruction doesn't count for this discussion) squats and swings his left arm like he's harvesting wheat. I'd welcome a booty shake into the repertoire.