Thursday, September 23, 2010

Double Down

I'm over at DadRevoution today talking about memories pre and post fatherhood.  Below is an excerpt from the post.  If your interested I'd appreciate if you'd click on over and check it out.
My son is only three years old, and something strange occurred to me recently. I can’t really remember how I spent most of my free time before I was a dad. It’s odd because I must have had tons of it. Free time that is.
I mean if I think of it, back then I didn’t have to do all the extra maintenance that comes from having a 3 year old boy. Like the extra laundry and dishes and food prep. Similarly I didn’t have to spend my evenings preparing a snack for him the next day, just in time to then participate in his nightly bedtime routine. [READ MORE]
Plus, I didn't get around to linking up the post I did two weeks ago over at DadRevolution.  It was about raising Lukas to understand how lucky he is in a world of limited resources.  You can also click here to read that post.  Here is a sample:
“He’s a lucky boy.” Mrs. LIAYF said to me, as we both were glancing over at our son who was animatedly ‘putting out a fire’ in his play area.
It was one of those grounding moments. You know, the kind that makes you take pause and recalibrate your mindset once again. I, as I suspect most people do, need that every so often. That’s because as much as I get caught up in the daily list of tasks, together with my beautiful wife, of keeping the hamster that is life racing steadfastly along its wheel, it’s necessary to stop every so often and take stock of how fortunate we actually are.  [READ MORE]
Thanks, and if you don't already, please consider adding Dad Revolution to your RSS Reader. You won't be disappointed in the content.


Didactic Pirate said...

Heading over now...

Anonymous said...

Great post.
Good content always attracts.
Well done.
Walt Bayliss
CEO and Founder

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Didactic Pirate. Thanks for the comment over there.

@Walt - Thanks. That is much appreciated.

Keith Wilcox said...

Yeah, I'll go check it out now too. I can't remember my free time before kids and marriage either. Weird. Maybe it's better that way. We're less likely to go insane if we just forget.

Gina Gotthilf said...

Its really very great post.