Friday, January 14, 2011

For The Love of God, Leave a Comment Already!

It's Friday Readers.  And for your information, it's not just any Friday, but a 'holiday' of sorts.  Yes today, January the 14th, 2011 is Delurking Day.

If you are not familiar with Delurking Day, it is the one day of the year when bloggers such as myself beg, plead, coerce, and sometimes even promise false riches to convince our readers to leave a comment on our post. In short this is the one post all year, where we have no shame.  So PLEASE leave a comment.  If you do, I will leave the sum of $1,000,000.00 in crisp bills (small denominations) in an unmarked bag in the bushes next to your front door.

Why do this?  Well, because, and I will try to explain this to all of you non bloggers out there in the simplest terms, because once in a while we need that ego boost to keep us from hitting the big red 'DELETE' button on our blog and going on with our lives - as normally functioning individuals.

This is actually the 3rd year I have posted on Delurking Day. Sadly, the first year I didn't receive a single comment from a lurker.  Last year, I had several comments, but most were from my regular readers, and not from lurkers such as my parents - who I have, at this point, given up all hope of their ever commenting.  But they are readers, so I appreciate that.

If I hadn't installed Google Analytics on the blog a couple years ago, I might even think that I only have 50 or so readers.  But no, Analytics actually tells me that I have nearly 1000 unique readers a month.  Compare that with the comments that I get from approximately 40-50 different readers (mostly other bloggers) and that leaves nearly 950 of you who theoretically should leave a comment on this post.

Okay, so perhaps a few of those unique visitors are merely serious Star Wars geeks who were brought here by google, and who leave almost immediately when they realize that it is not the REAL Anakin Skywalker authoring this blog, but rather some latte sipping dude who calls himself 'SeattleDad'.

But hey, that still leaves at least 20 or 30 of you who must read on a regular basis....and have never left a comment.  Well friends, now is your chance.  Do it for the thrill.  Do it for my sanity.  Do it for my ego.  I don't care what you do it for.  Just do it.

The cash will be in the bushes tomorrow.  Scouts honor.*

*Disclaimer:  I was never actually a Scout.  I grew up toiling on a dairy farm.  This left no time for frivolous pursuits. Sadly , I never got to take that Archery class I sooooooo badly wanted to take. But no, I'm not bitter.


SciFi Dad said...

I'm here in YOUR bushes, reading.

Chew on that.

triles said...

Not sure how long I've been following your blog, but I enjoy all your posts, and have left a comment here and there. Love what you're doing with the blog.

ericdbolton said...

So.... You're not Anakin Skywalker?


Kraneia said...

Pssst...your Death Star is double may want to move it before the Intergalactic Police puts a boot on it...

....I'll post on yours if you post on mine. Or not. I just like leaving random posts.



ade said...

Love your blog! I've been reading it for a couple of months. Keep up the good work.

Mrs. M said...

Hope the delurkers come out of the woodwork!

Douglas said...

Crazy...delurking day. What a novel idea.

Google Analytics is awesome!

I don't have any bushes by the front of my house, just bury the bag in the snow piled up by the pond and I'll be surprised in a couple months!

I've enjoyed the blogs...keep 'em coming!

OneZenMom said...

I'm a semi-lurker. I read a lot more than I comment. :)

Otter Thomas said...

I never know about this de lurking stuff until it's too late. I wish some people would come out of the bushes at my blog too. I love readers no matter what, but I am jsut curious as to who they are. Anyway, I'm not a lurker so I guess I didnt' help you out at all. Have a good weekend.

Knatolee said...

Tra la la, here I am!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

I'm with ZenMom... I totally read more on my reader than i do pushing the button to continue over to comment.

So I'm not being a JURK today and De-Lurked!

Didactic Pirate said...

if I'd know this was De-lurk Day, I would've posted something to draw some folks out. Dang. I'm always behind.

Meanwhile, most of the bloggers I read probably wish I would actually comment less and just lurk more. They're like, "Shut up already, Pirate."

DGB said...

I'm here. Not as often as I'd like, but I'm here.

Keep up the awesome work.

Adam said...

I had been "following" a bunch of blogger blogs, but since I don't use blogger anymore, I moved all those to RSS subscriptions. I know read 99% of blogs/articles in the reader only. Right now I'm working 40+ hours/week, and taking 3 college classes, and of course there is the 2 kids and wife to spend time with. I don't comment around the blogosphere (which ever brand I might be purusing that day) as much anymore simply because of lack of time. But yes, still reading, and lurking....

Diplo_Daddy said...

You need my address?

Brett said...

What's going on? I'll be cool w/ $10,000. My wife needs a minivan and we're not too good for used.

I need to go write something and beg now. My ones of readers never leave comments. It took 6 months for my mom to leave one.

Juli said...

I am here! Pick Me! Pick Me! But I don't have bushes... just leave the money in the garage and back away slowly.

I am always shocked when I get a comment like "I love reading your blog..." Um, really? You're picture's not in my stalker file.

Either way, I am here, small bills or not. And I just may steal this idea...

Steve said...

I'm still here. Heck, I may even write another post myself sometime soon.

Idaho Dad said...

I'm too tired to leave a comment today. Maybe next time.

Mrs. LIAYF said...

I'm heeeeere!!

As long as we have known each other, you constantly surprise me with your insights, humor and fun writing style. I love your blog - sweetie!

Devon F said...

I will be waiting by the mailbox for my check.

goodfather said...

De-lurked! :D Actually, I always leave a comment when I read your blog.

@SciFi Dad - LOL!! That was an awesome comment.

I love your blog - keep posting, Mrs. LIAYF listed all the reasons why.

TempestBeauty said...

I read ALL THE TIME... and comment rarely. I try to uphold the ideal that I will comment on every blog I read, but that rarely happens.

Anyways. Love your blog. Still around. Keep it up :D

Lance said...

I lurk and stalk your site, now I'm commenting. Keep being a good dad and good luck to the Seahawks.

Homemaker Man said...

I am, have, and will be here in the future, brutha.

And you are killing it with lurker comments this year, from where I'm standing.

Clint said...

Ok...I am here in the bused so where did you put all that money that you promised all of us.:)

James (SeattleDad) said...

@GB- I left it there. Scouts honor.

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Scifi - That was you? I called animal control.

@Tim - And I appreciate that very much.

@Eric -No. I am a better actor.

@Scratch - Damn them! That will get your planet destroyed.

@Ade - Thanks so much for taking time to comment.

@Mighty M - No, its the Lurkers.

@Douglas -

@Adam - Well, thanks for sticking around. And maybe someday you will be back. If you are, let me know and I will stop by.

@Dipplo - Better. Wouldn't be too fun if your neighbor got it by accident.

@Didactic - Cool. Glad you could get your own up too.

@ZenMom - Thank you so much for reading.

@Shelle - I do a lot of that too. Thanks for taking time to push on through today. Appreciated.

@Goodfather - You are a good man, good father.

@Steve - You'll be back. And I'll be there.

@Idaho Dad - LOL. Love it.

@Mrs. LIAYF - Ah, my most favorite Lurker of all. Thanks Sweets.

@Lance - Success! Appreciate it man.

@Devon - Better get a lawn chair.

@Homemaker Man - I can't complain. This may sustain me for quite a stretch.

@Tempest Beauty - You know how to make a bloggers day. Thanks.

@Brett - I will be there man. Thanks.

@Daddy Geek Boy - Appreciated man. Appreciated.

@Julliana - Please do. I will be there.

Jared Karol said...

I totally hear what you're saying about ego. I wanna know who's reading and what they think. Engage me in dialogue, people.

Thanks for the post, and letting me know that I'm not the only one who feels this way. :)

Pandamonium said...

Consider yourself commented fellow blogger :)

Keep up the great posts :)

Jack said...

It is the age old blogging dilemma- is it more important to have fewer readers but lots of comments or vice versa.

In the days before Twitter and FB commenting was much more frequent than it is now.

Either way, I am not a lurker so this doesn't help much. ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm a total lurker (I prefer mute reader) but only because whenever go to leave a comment someone poops their pants or hits the cat. As soon as my children get control of their bowels and the cat dies I will comment more often.

writtendad said...

I both lurk and comment. And occasionally breath down the back of your neck in that creep coworked with bad breath kind of way. Today I leave a comment as a show of solidarity.

rusk said...

I have been lurking for a few weeks with the stealth and subtlety of any father of an 18-year old daughter, but am now compelled to reveal myself at your pleadings. I enjoy your posts as they take me back to the joys of early parenting, which were many.

Unknown said...

I'm late, but I'm here! Must comment more.

(I don't have the poop excuse but I do have two cats and someone who controls his bowels but somehow needs emergency toilet paper once an hour.)

Papa K said...

Dammit. I missed delurker day again.

Helen@Babies shoes said...

What...You mean you're not really Anakin. I'll not be wasting any more time here!

Unknown said...

Late on de-lurker day, but better late than never. I read daily and I believe we live fairly close together. I recognize the parks and buildings that are sometimes in your posts. I too believe we live in the best city in the world. Love to read about your family - always hoping it grows!

Anonymous said...

La ringrazio per intiresnuyu iformatsiyu

Anonymous said...

How did I miss this glorious holiday?

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Jarrod - This takes up so much time, it's good to know that people are reading. Thanks for stopping by.

@Pandamonium - Thanks! And thanks for reading.

@Jack - I think this is a good once a year excercise. It's nice to know who is out there reading as we all know we read a lot more than we comment on.

@Mombshell - Lol! I hear you there. I hope this doesn't mean that fluffy has left the building.

@writtendad - Solidarity! Love it and thanks.

@rusk - Teach me Obiwan. I will need your skills when Lukas is a teenager.

@Kim - We have two cats and one who for the most part does too. I understand. Thanks for taking the time to comment today.

@Papa K - You could always do procrastinators delurking day. I did that last year.

@Helen - That brings out the dark side in me. But really, thanks for reading.

@Sherri - You on the Westside too? That is great. I'm sure we have unknowingly run into each other more than once.

@Anonymous - No habla.

@DC - I should have sent an email to all my blogging buddies. Next year man. Next year.

Vanessa (Housewives Inc) said...

Ok, so I'm only half a year late on leaving a comment - but at least I'm not just lurking eh? Enjoyed a few of your more recent posts too :-)

Jen said...

I'm late, great post by the way!