Sunday, May 22, 2011


So team LIAYF is on vacation. FINALLY!  I can honestly say that of all the vacations I have taken in my two score and some years, that I have never (none even close) needed one like I did leading up to this one.  The past couple of years, and especially the past 6 months have been especially stressful on multiple fronts, not the least of which has come from work pressures, and this trip has been highly anticipated.

Already, only one day in, and despite some early challenges (read: rain, disappointing room accommodations which lead to an immediate change, a nasty hacking cough from yours truly which kept the whole family awake most of last night, and yes, a lobster red streak across my back that is sure to start torturing me anytime now) the stresses are starting blow away with the swift island breezes.

It helps to have a nearly 4-year-old along for the trip.  To some this may seem counter intuitive, but not for us as Lukas never ceases to be a joy to  have around.  From the ear to ear grin on his face as he sat in his window seat in anticipation of, then while the plane was taking off, to his eagerness to talk to the Captain as we exited, and his insistence on pulling his own bag through the airport despite it being well after midnight Seattle time. 

Then today, seeing his squeals of excitement, non-stop laughter and chant of "Wipe out!" as he took on the mighty Pacific for the very first time on a boogie board, each time running back in for more, it just made me extremely relaxed and happy.

Tomorrow, more of the same is on the agenda. Minus I hope the dramas of our first day.  We may even think to pull out our camera and take a few pictures, something we are notoriously terrible at remembering to do.  Then, on Monday it's the lovely Mrs. LIAYF and my 12th Anniversary.  I'm not at all sure of what the symbol of the 12th anniversary is - Sand would make sense - but whatever it is, I can't think of a better place to be spending it with my wonderful wife, and little guy.

Where exactly are we?  Here's a hint:

Granted, it was a bit cloudier here on Saturday.


"Trauma Mama S" said...

I wish I'd have known you were coming here! I could have helped you avoid those crappy room accomodations! Hope you are enjoying the place I call home!

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Aggy - What Island? Do you recognize the beach? And yes, we are very much enjoying our visit.

Clint said...

I am guessing that you in Hawaii. Not sure which island. I hope that you and the miss have a Happy Anniversary:)

Jack said...

I am jealous. Haven't been to the islands in years- looks great. Enjoy.

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Geeky Daddy - Thanks so much man. Oahu it is. Kailua.

@Jack - It is. We try to make it out every couple of years if we can get cheap air fare, like we did this time around.