Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dad Streaking

Hi all.  I am over at Dad Revolution today talking about streaking.  No, not that kind of streaking wise guy.  I have yet to subject the public to such trauma, and I'm happy keeping it that way.

But I do talk a bit of baseball, and also of my own impressive personal record that I hope to keep up for years to come.

You can read that post here. 

When your are done reading, let me know if you're a streaker too. 


Jason said...

Oh, yeah, I'm a daddy streaker.
I come home each day from work, and make sure that not only a kiss is delivered to my wife, but that my 'Lil Miss (5 yrs old) gets one too. It was ignored much in the past, but recently she cocks her head to the side and sticks her soft cheek out for me to lay one on her. Cute. We're probably in the hundreds of time. Weekends are hard, but I still think it's in the "ballpark" of being a daddy streaker.

The Cheeky Daddy

lookearn said...
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Michael from said...

I haven't been streaking since undergrad, actually, but maybe I should start back doing it.

Re: the streak you referenced after the clickthrough, I actually don't do that. This is probably a bit weird to you, but since my folks told it to me all the time--multiple times a day my whole life--those words lost their meaning to me after a while, and I grew annoyed with hearing them. So, I try to show it but don't say it all that often. However, I don't refuse to say them at all, like the men from 2 generations ago often did.