Monday, August 8, 2011

Another Hardy Laugh

Mrs. LIAYF, Lukas, and I were having dinner at one of our favorite burger joints the other evening.  We like this particular Seattle restaurant because it is like an authentic 50's diner, complete with vintage decor (such as a collection of retro hanging lunch boxes), a Jukebox loaded with oldies, and a several kid-centered vending machines.

It was on one of these machines that Lukas was primarily focused.  This particular one was a two-sided vending machine which dispensed stickers on one of the sides.  As I just posted, Lukas loves his stickers.  As a bonus, for a mere 50 cents you could get one of 12 Superhero stickers in this machine.

Each time he came back from the vending machine, he was visibly excited by his haul.

"Daddy, daddy!  I got The Hulk" he would exclaim.

Then it was "Mommy, Mommy!  I got Wolverine."

Only to be followed by an excited "I got Captain America!!"

But when the time came for him to get another sticker from the machine, he called over to tell us that he was going to get something from the other side. 

"Okay Buddy" I called back to him as I worked on my hash browns and conversed with Mrs. LIAYF.

"I got this one for Daddy" he let us know, as he approached after the transaction. 

"Cool" I exclaimed  "Thanks so much Buddy. I love Superheros!  Which one is it?"

"Here you go." he smiled, as he handed the sticker to me.

A "Gee....thanks" was all I could muster, as Mrs. LIAYF and I both burst into laughter, followed soon after by Lukas.

I realized that this was not a sticker after all.  It was a tattoo.  An Ed Hardy tattoo at that.  'Worn by Celebrities Everywhere' it declared on the back. 

Who are these celebrities?

Amused, I wondered which celebrity was sporting this particular design.  Still, I wasn't convinced that it was all that cool.

I have a feeling Lukas felt the same way.


Slamdunk said...

Ha, sounds like a research project--comparing tattoos to see if that claim is accurate.

FilmFather said...

I remember that superhero! He's Lecherous-Wolf-Who-Catcalls-At-The-Curvaceous-Dames-In-Those-Old-Tex-Avery-Cartoons-Man!

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Papa K said...

Wow. He did come away with a great haul. Can I have some?

SFD said...

That wolf makes me uncomfortable.

Anonymous said...

Only the BEST leftovers for dad! ha ha!

Mrs. M said...

Lukas knows a dud when he sees it! So, did you put it on? :)

Ron said...

Oh, well then, if it's worn by celebrities then you know it's kid friendly. I can't believe they put stuff like that on stuff for kids.

...wait, you didn't put on the tattoo for yourself did you? Just checking. :-)

DGB said...

That's awesome! Not the wolf, the reaction.

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Slamdunk - In our spare time, of course.

@FilmFather - Haha! If he shortened his name, he would be more popular.

@Papa K - You can have the State Trooper one for $150.

@SFD - I know, he doesn't look trustworthy.

@Ordinarydad - I am the recipient of all his leftovers.

@Mighty M - I thought about it for the post, but then thought better of it. :)

@CKL - Yeah, what every kid wants. Right? Nope, couldn't bring myself to wear that one.

@DGB - He knows tackiness when he sees it.