Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Random Tuesday: Sloppy Edition

Chis Singer ( @Book_Dads ) visited Seattle last week with his lovely wife and daughter.  We had them over for dinner and Lukas and I instantly hit it off with Chris.  Literally!  In fact, I bet he is still having nightmares about Lukas' stinging blue uppercut.  "Rockem Sockem!  Rockem Sockem!" Lukas chanted as they pummeled each others robots.  Despite that, Chris then sat him down and read him a Star Wars book.  Nice Guy.

Lukas: Daddy let's play Light Savers.
Me: You mean Lightsabers buddy.
Lukas: No, I said Light Savers!
Me: It's a Lightsaber. A sword is called a saber. So, it's a sword made out of light. See?
Lukas: Yeah, but I want to play Light Savers daddy.
Me: Okay then, let's see who can turn off the lights first!
The other day Mrs. LIAYF and I were engaged in some rather pointed discourse (to our credit, we didn't once yell) about.....you guessed it, Sloppy Joe's. What, you mean you didn't guess Sloppy Joe's? Now we haven't had Sloppy Joe's in years, but my lovely bride put it right there on our dinner planning menu for the next week. Not being able to read properly, I gathered up a shopping list, including what I assumed we needed to prepare the dinners on the menu, and was off to the grocery.

My mistake? I came home with a can of Hunts Manwich Sauce. Ha ha. You see, apparently she was planning to make the meal from scratch. With all healthy ingredients.  It was from a recipe no less. Sure, this is what she does with nearly all ours meals, but the can just called out "Easy" to me. We were both tired so, as you can imagine, my manwich was in trouble.

It was during our discussion that Lukas came between us with his Buzz Lightyear and began to use his laser on yours truly. "I'll save you Mommy" he said as he pointed the wrist with the flashing light which was making the laser sound at me. I guess there's no doubt whose side Buzz will always take in such an exchange. Apparently, I'm Zurg. We all had a good laugh at that.

If you ever want to find me, just take a gander under your nearest rock. I do reside there after all. It's true, with no television and a 4 year old, I am usually way behind the times on what is going on out there in the world beyond my narrow silo. That's why I was shocked when I heard about Spotify the other day. A music site where you can sign up for free and listen to a catalog of nearly 15 million songs, including full albums from nearly most any band you can think of (except the Beatles)? It didn't take me long to sign up. Now I am listening to many of those albums that I had always wanted to listen to before I decided to buy or not. Yeah, I'm already a big fan.

You might have noticed in a recent Wordless Wednesday post that Lukas in now wearing glasses.  He has been diagnosed with Amblyopia.  Basically, his one eye is weak and shutting down and the brain has to relearn to use that eye.  The doctor prescribed the glasses, along with patching his good eye for 2-6 hours a day.  Unfortunately, we may have to follow this routine for up to 5 years.  But on the bright side, since we caught this early enough his vision has a chance to correct back to 20/20.

While patching the eye doctor also indicated that he wanted Lukas concentrating on something small, and close up.  He recommended at least a half an hour day of video game.  Yes, video games.  Doctors orders.  Lukas hasn't always been too excited about this though.  Just the other day he wanted to go outside and play.  "Not until you play your video game!" I had to say.  How humorous is that?


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Mrs. M said...

My mom used to call them "messy joes". She's always using the wrong word. I am sure Luke will get used to playing video games soon - I have never heard of that being ordered by a doctor - gotta love that. Anything that will help though - it IS good they caught it early.

christopher (@twistedxtian) said...

That's great it was caught early. My brother had the same problem, but it wasn't noticed until later and wasn't fully corrected as a result.
Also, who doesn't like to be told to play video games? lol

Slamdunk said...

Your son is smart and renaming the jedi weapon to something that conserves light and is more environmentally friendly.

I think I said that to as a child fan.

Diplo_Daddy said...

Ah, that reminds me of a story.

I went to the grocery store last week. Unable to find the sauce mix I needed, I came across...yep, you guessed it, Sloppy Joe mix! Boy, did I scoop that up but quick! And it was mouth watering good!

Hey Monkey Butt said...

Adoption badge already grabbed. Lovely post though. I have yet to check out the music player am still using grooveshark. Perhaps it's time though, everyone says it's wonderful!

BloggerFather said...

My boy gives me his fist and says, "Let's do face bump." I tell him it's fist bump, so he says, "No! I want to do face bump!"

Then, after we face bump, he moves his fist back and says, "Jelly fish." He should really get this move trademarked.

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

Ah, forced video games, the challenges we face in life!

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Teri - Yes, it's good we caught it early but I wish they would have given him an eye test a year ago. He could have easily read off the letters then.

@Christopher - Yeah, he does enjoy them when he gets to play. Thanks for the comment.

@Slamdunk - I think we have now corrected that issue, but maybe we have gained an energy saver in the process.

@Diplo_Daddy - Sloppy Joes in the Middle East? I wonder how many cans they sell there.

@Doria - Thank you so much for grabbing the badge. Very much appreciated by all of us. I liked Spotify so much that I upgraded to the $4.99 a month plan.

@BloggerFather - Hahahah, that is awesome. Jellyfish!

@Megan - I wish a doctor would order me to watch baseball. Mrs. LIAYF would just have to go along for my health.