Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Top 10 Funniest Movies - In My Dreams

"What? We weren't included?"
Tell me readers, is it a sign that you blog too much if you are actually dreaming about gathering information for a post?

Yeah, I thought so.

As you might have guessed, that is precisely what happened to yours truly last night.  I woke at 3:30 AM from a very intense dream I was having.  In that dream I was actively debating with some unidentified person (probably Mrs. LIAYF) what the funniest movies ever made were.  Naturally, many of the details were a bit fuzzy, but I distinctly remember that I had to refine my list because I was going to post about it.

I also remember being adamant that, NO, Sister Act would definitely never be included on the list.  (What can I say? I'm not a big Whoppi fan. Sorry.)

Anyway, I think there were some fairly interesting choices on my dream list but...unfortunately I couldn't remember most of them. 

All that being said, I thought "What the hay" I should just post my actual, not buried in the far reaches of my mind, list.  With any luck, it'll resolve some 'issue' I'm having.

Without further adieu, here are SeattleDad's top 10 funniest movies:

1.  The 40 year Old Virgin

2.  Planes Trains and Automobiles

3.  Dumb and Dumber

4.  Old School

5.  Monty Python's and the Holy Grail

6.  Animal House

7.  National Lampoon's Vacation

8.  Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

9.  Napoleon Dynamite

10. A Fish Called Wanda Little Miss Sunshine
So, tell me readers, do you ever dream about your posts? And what movies would make your 'Dream List'?


ericdbolton said...

I'd have Life of Brian and Nacho Libre.

Homemaker Man said...

I have many problems with this list. However, I will not put them down so as not to contribute to the controversy that these types of blog posts are trying to cause!

South Park
Little Miss Sunshine
Blazing Saddles

But that is it!

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Eric - Both great movies. Easily could have been added.

@Homemakerman - I thought you were going to argue for Sister Act. Oooh, I forgot about LMS! Loved that movie. Wonder if it's too late to change my post.

Idaho Dad said...

Anything with lots of farting makes me laugh. So, Dumb and Dumber would definitely be on my list.

Others on my list:

Pee Wee's Big Adventure
Office Space
Napoleon Dynamite
A Fish Called Wanda
Bean: The Movie
Local Hero
City Slickers
Raising Arizona
Hail the Conquering Hero
Abbott and Costello Meet the Killer
The Jerk
The Court Jester
Hot Fuzz
The Full Monty

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Idaho Dad - Ahhh....How did I miss Hot Fuzz! Cried, laughing at that one. I am not changing my list again though.

Mrs. LIAYF said...

How could you miss Shawn of the Dead? And, what about The Princess Bride - funny and sweet?

I would definitely NOT include Animal House or Old School - but it's probably because I don't have testicals or a brother.

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Mrs. LIAYF - Annnnd I'm glad for that fact too. Shawn of the Dead was hilarious too. Too many funny movies to remember them all.

CWBuckley said...

I'm going with the films I can actually remember laughing the hardest at:

1) Charlie Chaplin's "The Circus"
2) Laurel & Hardy's "Big Business"
3) A Fish Called Wanda
4) Tommy Boy
5) City Slickers
6) Steven Spielberg's "1941"

Juli said...

Cadddyshack and Pee Wee's Big adventure never made your list, ok, I'll by that.

But Space Balls?

Come on. :)

Gravy said...

I dunno...dreaming about blog posts sounds like heavy duty multi-tasking to me. Then again, my boys mid-sleeping pee sessions don't allow me to dream...

As for movies, I found "The Exorcist" profoundly humorous in a sick way - but that's just me.

Rachael said...

I definitely agree with Chris that Tommy Boy would be on my list. Also, The Hangover. I laughed so hard at that one that I was trying to stop so I wouldn't miss the next joke. I also remember watching The Sweetest Thing w/Cameron Diaz and Christina Applegate and thinking it was hilarious - mainly that Christina Applegate was hilarious in it. Napoleon Dynamite would definitely make my list too.

Diplo_Daddy said...

1.The Hangover
2.The Jerk
3.Cannon Ball Run
4.Dumb & Dumber
5.Toy Store 2 (love this one!)
6.Animal House
7.Planes, Trains and Automobiles
8.Mickey Blue Eyes
10.Biloxi Blues

And yes, I occasionally dream about my posts....

Kevin said...

Yes, I have those dreams too. Mine typically are about politics or religion so therefore I don't always post them. Sometimes I find it best to keep certain things to myself.

Movies I laughed the hardest at:
Mall Rats
40 Year Old Virgin
and Twilight which made my wife mad, but come on, vampires don't sparkle!