Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dad Resolutions For 2012

Happy New Year 2012!
This will be my last post here at Luke, I am Your Father.

Of  2011 that is.   Ba Dum, Dum! Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Yes, It's still 2011 here in Seattle as I write this, but the New Year is currently steamrolling across to globe and headed our way like a bunch of crazed, vintage 1985, Seahawks fans leaping from their seats in a successive Wave, and throwing their arms wildly into the air. Only, it's timing is much better.

And, even though it's been quite a while since I partied like it was 1999 (our store of Poppers for tonight not withstanding - woo hoo!), I wanted to make sure to note the passing of the old year and welcome the new one with a final post containing some of my goals for my role as a father for the upcoming calendar year.

Yeah, resolutions can be a lame attempt by those lacking proper normal resolve to use the changing of the calendar as a metaphor for the changing of their habits to ones which might serve themselves better in the upcoming year. But hey - when you are generally sleep deprived and up to your eyeballs in daily 'tasks', it doesn't hurt once a year to give yourself a mental boost by using them to give yourself a bit of extra motivation.

All that being said, even though I think I am a pretty good father to Lukas, I believe I can do even better in the new year.

So here are the 5 Dad Resolutions I have made for myself for 2012. 

1. I resolve to get to bed by midnight every night - This sounds crazy when I read it, but in reality I am often not getting to bed until 1 or 2 in the morning.  Especially on weekends.  Obviously this makes me tired the next day and I am subsequently not as engaged with Lukas as I could be.  I should really be in bed by 11:00 but will start with midnight for now.  Baby steps.

2. I resolve to look first for an opportunity to teach - I  joke around a lot with Lukas.  I like to make him laugh, and we do a lot.  But I really need to take a cue from Mrs. LIAYF and more often look first to teach Lukas about why things are the way they are, rather than turn it into a joke.  He deserves that more than I currently give to him.

3. I resolve to reduce my random online time by 50% - Sure, this is hard to measure, but it is a goal.  I spend a lot of time online doing things that don't ultimately benefit Lukas.  Cough*Twitter*Cough.  Yes, I still give him quite a bit of attention but I can still do better. And will.  This doesn't mean I will stop blogging, but there are certainly other areas where I can certainly reduce my screen time.

4.  I resolve to exercise 3 times a week -  This one is huge.  I am forty four years old now, and although I am not in terrible shape, I am not in good shape either.  I often  feel guilty when I am too exhausted to engage Lukas in an activity he wants to participate in.  As I get older, for Lukas' sake I really need to ensure he has a healthy father around.

5. I resolve to discipline more consistently - This is not a big problem with us, but I am a pretty laid back guy and can tend to let things go when I should be providing a more consistent message with Mrs. LIAYF.  It will definitely serve Lukas well as he grows older to have a clear message from both his parents on where his boundaries lie. 

So, tell me readers.  Do you have any parenting resolutions for 2012?  Care to share?


Diplo_Daddy said...

I haven't even thought about this, sadly. But I do like your ideas, especially lowering your online time by 50%. I can't say I spend that much time searching the web. And the excerise thing....yeah, that's a good idea, too. Good luck to you.

Anonymous said...

Each year my kids get older and our relationship seems to take on a new dynamic. My four year old daughter is acting all grown up in many ways, and my two year old boy is really starting to talk and understand so much. So much of parenting is a learning process, so I want to discover the best ways to interact with each of my children at whatever stage they're in.
And I'll miss your comments on my blog ;)

Jeff said...

Not a parenting resolution exclusively but it will surely touch my role as dad: my resolution is to live life by the law of anecdotal value. I intend to make more choices based on which will result in a better story to tell later. Should be a fun, fun year...for all of us!

Jack said...

That bedtime resolution resonates with me. I rarely go to sleep before 1 and often well after.

This lack of sleep really isn't helping me with work or getting into better shape so I think that will be one area I focus on.

Bruce Sallan said...

Keep us in the loop on your progress with these EXCELLENT "Dad Resolutions!"

Anonymous said...

I know how hard it is to keep New Years resolutions, I posted mine today on my blog. I was just introduced to your blog today. You've inspired a lot of people, and I can only hope that someday people will say that about me.

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Dipplo Daddy - Thanks. Yeah, there is definitely a lot of time I waste online that I could be putting to much more productive use. That is the plan.

@AnOridnarydad - Good points Lee. But, as you probably guessed by now I am not going anywhere.

@Jeff - That's great! Perhaps I already do more of that than I realize.

@Bruce - Thanks. Will do.

@Jack - Absolutely. If I do one of these things by years end, that one may be the most important.

@MyDaddy - Thanks for the nice comment. I'm glad to get to know you, and will certainly check out your resolutions as well. I think Mrs. LIAYF already has and they prompted a conversation between us. Well done. said...

These are very good goals. I like #2 the best because teachable moments are opportunities we have to be actively seeking. For me the flip-side tends to be more true -- I tend to be impatient and short when I should be trying to be more intentional with my son.

For me, my only resolution was to start a blog as a sort of legacy for my son to read when he's older. I'm very new to this Dad-blogging community, but I like what I have read here.

The best to you and your family in 2012.

~Michael Gray