Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Wrap

Kissing opportunity courtesy of Annabelle.

Merry Christmas all, from sunny Seattle, WA.   Well, at least it was sunny for a while, and fairly mild with highs in the mid 40's.  Not exactly a White Christmas, but I'll take it.

Christmas 2013 in the LIAYF household was filled with lots of music, food, excitement, laughter, and love.

Here are a few of the highlights from the past couple of days:

Lukas Wrote his Santa Letter on Monday.  You can see that he worked super hard on it, and also included a section mentioning what Annabelle would like.  I love that boy.

A labor of love...and hope.

Then we delivered it just in the 'Nick' of time.  Yeah, I know that's not funny.

Overnight this one please.

After that we got to visit with Santa.  Not the real Santa, who was getting the letter, but one of his helper Santas. (And a very good one, I might add).  Annabelle screamed and cried at first, but then Lukas held her hand and, as you can see, she calmed.

"Hold my hand, Brutha!"

You can see how much Annabelle has grown, compared to last year:

When this year's Santa asked what Lukas wanted for Christmas he said "I want a watch for Christmas"  Santa, not hearing him very well seemed a bit incredulous.  "You want a LOT for Christmas?" he asked.  "No, I want a WATCH" Lukas corrected him.  It was pretty funny to witness.

Then, after spending a very enjoyable Christmas Eve with Grandma, Grandpa, and the rest of the extended family at the farm (where, unfortunately, we didn't get any pictures), we woke up this morning to a tree under which many presents were waiting to be opened.

The kids, of course, wasted little time on this endeavor:

Yes, he did get a Luke Skywalker LEGO watch from Santa

Annabelle eyeing new things to run off with.

Afterwards, it was a lot of lounging around the house, eating, cleaning, building LEGO, preparing dinner and enjoying our gifts.  Although I did have to go out and get a prescription filled to take care of another unexpected Christmas gift.  But hey, we have kids in the house, and I am the last to get this particular bug.

Good times.

But really, it was only a small distraction.  The day was so much fun aside from the illnesses.

I have to say, having Annabelle mobile this Christmas has been a lot of fun.  Last year she was just a tiny thing and slept through most of the festivities.  But this year, although she didn't fully comprehend what was going on, she sure seemed to enjoy all of the new things in the house that she could make off with.

The Tutu is a gift picked out by Lukas.

It really was a wonderful Christmas here.  There is no better way to put it.  Having young children in the house is pure joy!

I hope your holiday's have been equally as wonderful.

And to all a goodnight.


Unknown said...

Okay, the kids holding hands on Santa's lap is awesome! "Mistletoes" is a great idea! Glad you guys had a Merry Christmas!

Slamdunk said...

Ahhh on the Santa letter. Our young daughter handed us a revised Santa letter on Christmas Eve. After some tense moments, Santa delivered, but we are going to lay down some new ground rules next year. Haha.

Enjoy your weekend James.