Friday, December 20, 2013

Thinking Small

I was out walking with Lukas last weekend - correction, I was walking while he was zipping back and forth past me on his Razor scooter - when he saw something shiny on the ground.  He thought it was a coin.

Turns out, it wasn't a coin.  Just some sort of trash that looked coinish (I'm making up words here, just roll with it) while scooting by at high speed.  Anyway, he was only slightly disappointed that the shiny piece of rubbish wasn't money.

More so, it got him thinking.

"I wish I found a hundred bazillion dollars dad."  he let me know.

For the record, I'm not sure where a bazillion falls on the money scale.  Is it more than a 'ga'zillion? Or less?   I'm guessing more because, friends, I think big.

Lukas? Not so much.

"Oh yeah" I responded.  "If you had a hundred bazillion dollars, what would you buy with it?"

"I don't know.....maybe some new Lego sets"  He clearly hadn't given this much thought.

"What else Buddy?  A hundred bazillion is a LOT of money".  I was trying to prompt him.

"Hmmmmm......"  he was really thinking about this.  "Maybe another app for the Kindle?" he offered.

"That would still leave an awful lot of money.  There has to be something else you might want to use it for." I was only slightly pressing him on this.  I was curious by now.

Would he pay off the mortgage?  Send us all on a vacation back to Lego Land?  Set up a college fund? Donate to the endangered Pandas of China?

As it turns out, none of those things were on his list.  Instead of thinking big, it turns out he continued to think small.  Very small.

"Well,  I would make sure that Annabelle had everything she needed dad.  I know she needs some new shirts.  Maybe I would buy some shirts for Annabelle."

Shirts?  I was thinking to myself that maybe paying for her daycare would have been nice.  But shirts or daycare, he was still thinking of his sister and how he could help her out.

"You're a good brother Lukas".   I responded as I patted his helmet.

And with that, he zoomed away on his Razor.  Once again leaving me a richer person for being his dad.


Post Post Modern Dad said...

To quote Bill S. Preston, Esq. - "Most escellent!"

Slamdunk said...

Score one for the young-un. A great affirming moment that you all are parenting well.

Enjoy your holidays.

J-Tony said...

Great post. He's sounds like such a great kid.

Anonymous said...

Well, with a hundred bazillion dollars, he wouldn't need to pay for Annabelle's day care because you wouldn't actually have to go to work could build Lego sets and go for long scooter "walks" every day! Hurray! But you don't need a hundred bazillion dollars, because you have each other. Merry Christmas from Kentucky, you guys! Missy

Diplo_Daddy said...

With a bazillion dollars, I can think of many many things I'd buy. That big brother thought of his little sis speaks highly of him. Merry Christmas to you and your family.