Thursday, February 7, 2008

Don't Take Your Guns to Town, Son!

We are fortunate this week to have Grandma Lou out here on the left coast from her Oklahoma home visiting Lukas for the first time in his young life. Grandma is visiting for the first time only now because she has been battling colon cancer and has just finished a successful six months of chemotherapy, to everyone's relief and joy. We are all thrilled to see her, and Lukas, after his initial stranger anxiety wore off, is quite taken with his all the attention his new found grandmother is showering on him.

Lou is a real maverick. She is 64 and still trains horses on a longhorn cattle ranch in the Oklahoma panhandle. A tough old gal, if you ever knew one and country to the core. In anticipation of her arrival, we have countrified our West Seattle lifestyle, putting away the Hives, Nirvana, Blakes, ect.. Cd's and also putting aside our Netflix 'Six Feet Under' disks and instead breaking out the Loretta Lyn, Johnny Cash, and Wilco discs and also renting a few Westerns, including '3:10 to Yuma' (the new one with Russell Crow) and 'The Three Burials of Me...(can't spell it without going to look and I am too lazy right now) Estrada' .

We hadn't watched a Western in a while and '3:10' was awesome. I also am a huge fan of Johnny Cash (we may end up watching 'Walk the Line' as well) and am certainly digging on the tunes. I just need to kick back and pretend those cat fur dust bunnies rolling by are tumbleweeds (hey, they are often big enough) and the Western experience will be complete. It is nice to break out of your same old routines sometimes and change to a different theme for a few days, even though I am already having what seem like DT's from missing the next episode of 'SFU'.

It is a terrific experience for Luke having family visit. Unfortunatley it doesn't happen all that often, so we will enjoy it while we can, because come 'High Noon' on Monday, it will be back to normal (whatever that is) around here!


The_Mrs said...

So glad to hear 'Grandma Lou' gets to visit her grandson and that her battle with colon cancer is triumphant. My FIL had the same thing and we lost him in '99, just before my daughters first birthday. Give her an extra hug from Kansas and I hope you all have a wonderful time and great memories from her visit. :) Take care!

James (SeattleDad) said...

Thanks so much for the comment. I will do just that right away. Sorry to hear about your loss. I am sure time doesn't make things any less painful to remember. Such an awful thing, cancer is. Thanks again for visiting.