Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Jiltin Joe!

It's been an interesting few days since my last post. Mrs LIAYF woke last Saturday morning and immediately began to puke. No warnings from the night or the day before either. I knew we were in for a long haul when she was in bed sick all that day. Fortunately she began to feel a bit better on Sunday. However, I was the next victim of the stomach flu, and it has been quite a while since I have felt quite so terrible. We did all we could to keep Lukas from getting this nasty bug and he has yet to show symptoms. Thankfully, he seems to have dodged that bullet for now.

One result of having had this bug and not being able to eat (nothing remotely sounded good for a couple of days) was that I could also not drink my morning coffee. I have been a big coffee drinker for the past several years, but I hate the taste of the stuff so I have been using lots of sweetener and chocolate to make my coffee into mochas (which I do enjoy). The very thought of coffee made me feel even more ill so I abstained for a couple of days. I was really surprised when I didn't immediately get the pounding headache I feared would come the evening of the first day I missed my caffeine. So I decided to cut the coffee out completely for a while to see if I would start to feel better and more energetic without it. It took its time, but the throbbing headache did come and with a vengeance too! I was so naive to think I had gotten off so easy.

It has now been over a week since I last had a morning-or afternoon- cup of Joe, and I can honestly say that I do feel like I have more energy and am not experiencing the highs and crashing lows after the caffeine and sugar rush wears off. Today my body was definitely asking for a jolt mid-afternoon but I stood firm on my pledge to myself to quit and after an hour of so, I was feeling better without the boost.

You readers may not know this, but I turned 40 last Fall. I feel that I need to have more energy to keep up with Lukas as he grows and explores the world around him. I try to eat healthy (lots of organic foods) but I still have a bit of a sweet tooth. I am hoping less opportunities to put creamer and sugar into a cup of coffee (and then into me) will help me to get back some of the energy I seem to have misplaced over the past few years. Wish me luck.


The_Mrs said...

I tell you, the flu this year has been a brutal strain! Just make sure you and the fam stay healthy and wash hands and carry those clorox wipes things with you - doorknobs are the worst - Good that you all are getting over it, but yikes. It does kick the crap outta you.

I'll be turning the big 40 this coming fall and my husband is delighting in that fact. He's 43 and thinks it's pretty damn funny that I complain about not having any energy.

Even working out doesn't seem to help much. :( Let me know how you do.. maybe you'll inspire me to look for more energy. Somewhere. lol

Take care!

James (SeattleDad) said...

Did you read the recent study that showed 50% of shopping cart handles have some sort of bodily fluid on them (spit, urine, worse)??? Another reason to carry those Clorox wipes!! Gross.

We wash our hands all the time around here, but still get sick. I wish I had some tips for feeling the energy at 40 - I seriously think Lukas is an energy vampire.