Friday, February 15, 2008

Soooo Close!

At 7 1/2 months old, Lukas continues to progress towards crawling, using all available down time (that being down on the floor or bed or other flat surface) to practice his moves. He can get up on his hands with his chest in the air, or have his arse up in a downward dog yoga-like pose, and recently he has even started to get up on all fours in the crawling position on rock back and forth, knowing that some inner instinct is telling him that although this is difficult, he must do this.

Today, he started to pull himself forward in a semi-crawl that shows even more progress. Think either a dehydrated man, dragging himself through the desert, looking up to beg 'Waaater, Waaater?' or else a soldier in boot camp, having to drag himself forward under a screen of barbed wire, with live fire screaming above his head.

We want to get the first official 'crawl' on tape for posterity, so we can later show him some great memories that he will be happy to see and not embarrassed by. Like the 'naked butt' shot or the photo of his hairy soul patch that was wierdly placed right above his tiny baby butt cheeks when he was born. (For the most part, this has thankfully went away or else Luke might have grown older with some sort of complex about this, I know I would have). So, I am following Lukas around with the video camera hoping that I will be there to record the first crawl, as well as any other firsts. Unfortunately, he starts daycare next week, so they will most likely witness more than a few of his 'firsts' and get to see his happy smiley face all day long.

But that is ok, since even the seconds with Lukas are pretty darn amazing!!

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