Friday, August 22, 2008

This Seat Taken??

Ok, I admit it. I like getting a bit of attention. As astute readers will surmise, I am definitely not making a living off of writing this blog. Hell, I'm not even making one red dime off of my sporadic weekly posts. And I don't plan to either. You don't have to, in unison, call out "Don't quite your day job!" because I have no illusions of grandeur here. I'm imagining a collective nod of As my profile indicates, 'I'm just an average guy' having fun writing a daddy blog, whenever he can eek out a few minutes in his hectic day. Hence the sporadic weekly posts.

I do this because I like to do it. I find it a nice creative outlet. Actually, I find it my only creative outlet. You see, I can't draw. I can't paint. I can't dance. Sing? Not on your life. Pictures? Only when I get lucky will I find a gem out of the hundreds I snap. But this, however, I can do. Writing this blog inserts a measure of sanity in my otherwise mundane but busy life. I'll never reach the level of style and digital artistry that many of my fellow dad blogger achieve on a daily basis, but I will continue to take notes from them and learn. There are many of those blogs that I honestly get excited about when I see new material posted in my reader. (Yes, take from that what you will about my mundane existence).
Like I mentioned, I also like a bit of attention too. On that note, a couple of things that would draw just such attention have happened to me in the past couple of days. First, I have been added to the Alltop dads page. For those of you who are not familiar with Alltop, they are self described as a digital magazine rack for the Internet. A site where "We import the stories of the top news websites and blogs for any given topic and display the headlines of the five most recent stories". To be included on the Alltop dads page means that they have looked and considered Luke, I am Your Father one of the top dad blogs on the Internet. Many of the dad (and mom) blogs that I read are also featured on Alltop, so I am honored to be included among them and will do my best to live up to that standard they have set.
Second, after having been bestowed the title of Kick Ass blogger last week, LIAYF has now also been awarded the title of Brilliant Weblog by Jason over at iVegas Family. Thanks Jason!

I have been asked to pass this on to seven other deserving bloggers as well. Unfortunately, I can't seem to choose only seven since I read only brilliant blogs. So, as a cop-out I am going to give this award to my whole blogroll. Take a look at the list of 'Parenting Blogs that Don't Suck as Much as This One' on the right navigation pane and you will find a Brilliant Weblog, guaranteed. Congrats, bloggers.

All these things combined, along with the introduction of my new Banner a few days ago, have made this a very nice week in the world of Luke, I am Your Father. To top it all off in grand fashion, it's a sunny weekend and I am now off to enjoy some quality time with my inspiration (and his mom). Life is definitely good!


Whit said...

Congrats, you're going to need a mantle for all these awards.

Anonymous said...

No sophomore slump for you.

Jason Roth said...

Great post. I write my blog for the same reasons. It's my outlet. I don't take it too serious, but I enjoy doing it.

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Whit - Thanks. If I only deserved them...

@DC - My Sophomore year hasn't begun yet, so we will see.

@Vegasdad - Thanks. I don't take it too serious either. We are of the same mind.

Martin said...

Nice one.

I know that I couldn't stop writing now even if I wanted to.

I can't say I don't sometimes take it a little too seriously, but that's what I love about it too, having to work on an entry, get the right word, context or tone.

Keep it up!

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Xbox - Thanks. I hear you. I take it a bit too serious at times as well but that's how we put something readable out there, right. We can't always write something beautiful in 10 minutes. At least I never can.