Thursday, January 22, 2009

3' Tall and He's Got it All

Seattle, we have a problem. I don't want to sound the alarm bells too early here, seeing how certain media outlets derided guys like 'Peter Schiff'. But hey, I feel that someone needs to step up and let the folks in Seattle know about the problem I envision, so that some strategic plans can be forged to deal with the issue that this city will have to face in, say 20 years or so.

It is eerily strange but boys are everywhere around here. In our birthclasss: 10 out of 12 babies were boys! Our block: 20 out of 24 kids under the age of 10 are boys! Our daycare: 9 out of the 12 toddlers in Luke's room are boys! Just walking down the sidewalks of our neighborhood, it is hard not to run into new parents who are not toting around, or following behind at least one little boy. Mrs. LIAYF heard a story a while back which suggested that more boys are born in times of war. It seems to be over the top in our neighborhood.

Boys, boys, boys. Fun, yes. But 20 years from now there are going to be a lot of very restless men occupying Seattle streets. And they will be lonely! Clearly, this is not a good combination and someone needs to come up with a plan. I even began to worry about Luke's future dating prospects.

(Lukas, dashing with his 8:00 shadow - who could resist?)

Therefore, I was extremely relieved at what has transpired over the past couple of days at daycare. It seems that my boy has caught discerning eye of one of those 3 little girls in his room. This fetching little blond, whom I will call Venus for purposes of anonymity, seems to be genuinely smitten with Lukas. She is a month older - he must like the more mature women. Here is what I have witnessed firsthand at drop off and pickup (who knows what happens for those hours on end while I am at work!):

Event #1 - Three days ago, as we leaving to go home, Venus ran across the play room to give a full body, lingering embrace to Lukas when it was apparent he was going home, which he returned in kind. The other boys in the room all just stood (or sat) there, their mouths agape, watching these events unfold.

Event #2 - As I picked up Lukas the next day the daycare staff relayed that he had fallen and hurt himself and was a little upset. However, he was much recovered when Venus came over to hug and kiss his "owies." He felt better right away. Again, the other little boys sat and stared, amazed at his magnetic attraction to members of the fairer gender.
Event #3 - Yesterday morning when we arrived, Venus once again ran to meet Lukas, grabbing him by the arm and leading him to the center of the room. She then proceeded to unzip his coat and underlying fleece hoodie and pull them off for him, before leading him over to an awaiting pile of inviting toys. Lukas, demonstrating that he is indeed his father's son, took his cue and allowed Venus to dote over him while he amicably agreed to her instructions.
It certainly helps that Lukas has learned to agree verbally recently.
I can hear it now... "Lu-Lu, play?"
"Yeth, Dear!"


Eric said...

look at that face!

Being us... said...

How cute! Hopefully Lukas will learn to never stray and talk to those other two girls in the class or there will be a baby cat fight! You can see from that face why she can't resist!

Anonymous said...

So young and already whipped!

You go boy!

Ed (zoesdad) said...

He's a player!

Anonymous said...

Well...maybe it is something in the water. On this coast, we have just the opposite issue. Girls! Girls! Girls!

He might need to move...or at least his competition will!

Captain Dumbass said...

Nice work, Lukas.

A few years ago I read something that said because of China's one child policy and some peoples preference for a male child there will be at least 10 million Chinese men who will never get married. Scary.

Anonymous said...

He's a lady-killer all ready. Watch out girls ...

SciFi Dad said...

Go Lukas... Go Lukas...

You da man!

aph80 said...

Luke's got game, son! Tell him to enjoy it now while there is no complaining, whining, needy-ness emotional break downs etc. . .

1sttimedad said...

I bet the other boys aren't teasing him about being called 'Lu-Lu' now, are they?

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Eric - Blueberry special!

@Being Us - No, he is not that dense. There would be a heavy price to pay for straying.

@Super Mega Dad - You have to start sometime, cause we all end up there.

@Ed - I think it is correctly reffered to as a Playa!

@MTAE - I will have to send him to college at an Ivy league school then.

@CDA - Lukas could certainly date a Chinese American girl someday. Lots of adoptees in our area.

@Diane - He comes from a long line...

@Scifi - He da boy still, thankfully.

@Adam - LOL. But there certainly are some meltdowns in his room.

@1sttimedad - Ya got that right!