Sunday, January 18, 2009

"Yes" Man

In a refreshing turn of events around Casa de hurricane Luke, our son has recently developed the ability to answer questions in the affirmative. It seemed that for ages around here, every question posed was answered with a definitive no. Or, often enough, "No, no, noo...Noooo!"

But now it seems my boy can understand many of our posed questions sufficiently enough to ascertain when we are asking him about something that he may actually want. Like "Lukas, would you like to go outside?" Or "Lukas, do you want to read a book?" To which, he will now answer with an enthusiastic "Yeaaahh!" or sometimes "Yeth!".

(Lukas, are you excited about Tuesday? "Yeaaahhh!")

Ahhh, the sweet sounds of agreement. Who would have thought it would be so profoundly satisfying to hear?

Not me. I knew that verbal agreement from a toddler would be a good thing, but to me right at this very moment, it sounds similar to what I would envision a chorus of Angels would sound like on Christmas morning.

Or, perhaps even a certain impending 'Oath of Office', heralding a new beginning. Happy MLK Day and Inaguration Eve!


Anonymous said...

The next "word" on my kids list was "I don't know" after "yes". Everything was "I don't know". What do you want to do today? I don't know. What do you want for dinner? I don't know. Who made that mess? I don't know. Who pushed big brother? I don't know. :)

Ed (zoesdad) said...

And after I don't know comes--"Not Me!"

Anonymous said...

He has his shoes on the wrong feet. But he sure is a big one. What big feet he has...:)

Jason Roth said...

...and Lukas, are your feet really that big? Impressive!

SciFi Dad said...

Unfortunately, the affirmative isn't always 100% accurate:

Lukas, are those your shoes?




Martin said...

looking very grown up in that!

1sttimedad said...

Ah the transition to 'Yeah'. It's so much nicer than 'No'.

But just wait for the dreaded 'Mine ...'

You'll never own anything again!

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Super Mega Dad - I do get a modified version of "I don't know" which is pretty cute. For example if the cat leaves the room I will ask where it went, and he will hold his arms out and say "don't KNOW"

@Ed - Haven't got to that one quite yet.

@MTAE - He loves putting on Dad's shoes and trudging around, even if they are on the wrong feet.

@VegasDad - "Yeth" "De-Do"(thank you in Luke speak0

@Scifi - I have to give him his proper due. Most of the time he gets it right which makes me amazed at what he actually seems to understand.

@Xbox - He is growing up fast, but the angle make him look taller than he actually is.

@1st time dad - Oh, yeah, he does that one all the time lately too. "NO, Mime!" I don't think I'll do a post on that quite yet.

Anonymous said...

My older kids only say yes to candy.

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Mocha Dad - And cookies? Lukas is a big yes man to cookies.